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One more IP address is used to log in to the Admin Page of Routers Like, Piso, Netgear, Xfinity, etc.

If you are facing any problem in getting logged in to this IP address don’t worry, use this button below and you will see the login page.

Warning: If You are using the 10.o.o.l address then what you are choosing is wrong. There is no alphabet in the address, all are numbers. Enter

In Words: one Zero [dot] Zero [dot] Zero [dot] One

If you are looking for help with the default IP address click on the button below.

What are the Correct IP and Wrong IP Addresses for

Please note some things while using an IP Address, An IP Address always has 3 dots and Numbers only.

For example, 10.0 01 has numbers but the dots are missing at the right place. Where using 10.0.0.l is also wrong because here in the last we used Small Letter L and the IP address must have all Numerical.

How to Login to the Admin Page with

Here are some simple steps for getting logged in to the Admin Page of your Router using this IP Address.

Step 1: Connect Your Router with the PC using Wifi or Lan Cable.

Step 2: Visit the IP and wait for the Login Page to Load.

Step 3: Now enter your Username and Password and click on the Login Button.

TIP: You will get the Default Username and Password of Your Router on the Backside. If you cant check that you will have to reset the Router.

Here are some mostly used Usernames and Passwords for Logging in.

User NamePassword
admin[email protected]
admin[email protected]

How to Reset Password?

Sometimes Route Refuse to connect or we forgot the Password if you are facing the same issue don’t worry.

Here I will share two solutions one for Wifi and the other for Admin page password.

  • How to Reset Wifi Password using
  • How to Reset Admin Login Password with

Router Names and the Setup Guide are Here:

Here are some most popular Routers and their setup guide links given below. If you are facing any issues you can just visit the setup guide and solve your wifi issue

How to Reset Wifi Password Using

Follow These Few Steps to Change the Router Wifi Password. If you have forgotten the Admin Page Password then please Reset the Admin Login Password First.

Step 1: Log in to the Admin Page using the IP Address.

Step 2: Go to Basic Settings >> Wireless >> Password. (You can select the WPA2-PAK option to see the password option.)

Step 3: Set one Password for your Router and Click Save/Apply.

Now wait for the Router to Reboot or you can manually Restart the Router to apply these Changes.

How to Reset Admin Login Password Using

This happens sometimes when we don’t remind the Admin Page Username and Password. If you haven’t changed it then you can check the Router backside and Try that Username and password to get Logged in to the Admin page.

But in case that does not work then follow the following steps. Warning: By following this Process you have to Reset the Router and all Settings will be Reset. and you will have to set all connections and Wifi Settings again.

Step 1: Long press the RESET/WPS button for more than 15 Seconds. and your Router will Reboot and wait for it.

Step 2: After Reboot Visit the IP Address for Admin Login Page. (For your IP please check router backside.)

Step 3: Enter the Default Username and Password given at the backside of your Router and Click on the Login Button.

If you want to change the Wifi Password then use the steps given above and Change the Default Username and password follow the step below.

Now you can go to Settings >> Password enter your current username and Password and then Enter the new Username And password.

This will make your Router Secure from outsiders who can log in to your Admin Page to Destroy your Settings.

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