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You can use the IP to access your Router Admin Login Page and then Change your Router Settings to get connected with the Internet, but not 192.168.o.1 it’s the wrong IP.

Make sure your PC/Phone/Laptop is connected to the Router with Lan or Wifi to make any changes in Admin Settings using IP.

If you are typing this IP address as 192.168.o.1 then it’s wrong. No IP address will contain any Alphabet, IP address only contains numbers and dots.

In Words: one nine two [dot] one six eight [dot] Zero [dot] one

If you are looking for help with the default IP address click on the button below.

How to Login to Admin Panel?

If your Wifi Router’s default IP address is or you have changed it to this IP then here are some short Steps to get quickly logged in to the Admin Panel of your Router.

  1. The very first thing is to connect your PC/Laptop/Phone to your Router’s Wifi.
  2. Then Open any Internet Browser for further steps.
  3. Now Type In the address bar or simply click on
  4. Now You will see one Login Panel small box on a page
  5. Enter the default username and password given on the backside of your Router.
  6. Then click on the Login Button and Congrats you are in. Manage the Router Admin Panel.

The Wrong IP address is: 190.168.o.1 and 192 l.168.0.1

And the Correct IP address is:

In Words: one nine two [dot] one six eight [dot] zero [dot] one Admin Panel Login Guide Step by Step:

Follow the steps below to get logged in to the Router Admin Panel:

Step 1:- Connect Your PC to the Router

Before you log in to the Router Admin Panel make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to the Wifi Only using Wifi/LAN connection.

Now Enter the Address to visit the Admin Dashboard

Step 2:- Enter Default Username & Password

After visiting the default IP address; You will see a login dashboard as shown below

Enter Your Default Username and password to Login

Now enter the default Username and Password as “admin” if this does not work please check the default username and password at the backside of your router.

Step 3:- Click on Login Button to Log in

Once you have entered the default Username and Password you have to click on the login button to get log in to the Router Admin Panel.

Then You can access all the Router Settings and change it according to your choice.

Router Names and the Setup Guide are Here:

Here are some most popular Routers and their setup guide links given below. If you are facing any issues you can just visit the setup guide and solve your wifi issue

Default Username and Passwords for

Here are some default Usernames and Passwords for IP addresses that are used by Popular Wifi Routers.

Note: All Brands show the admin IP Address and Default Username & Password for that router at the backside. Please do check and confirm that.

Default Username and Password - backside of Router

If you can’t find it or lost the sticker that comes with the router then please take help from the table below.

UserName Password
admin admin
admin [blank]
admin Password
admin Pass@123
admin admin@123
user Password

Correct vs Wrong Default IP Address Used:

As you know the default Routers mentioned above now all routers use the default IP address, but here are some mistakes that users do while entering the Ip address.

It’s not their fault some Mobile phones or PC have inbuild fonts that we can not distinguish between the number ‘0’ & the Letter ‘O’. and mistype the IP address as 192.168.o.1

That goes the same with the Number ‘1’ & the letter ‘l’ so another combination that brings the wrong IP becomes 192.168.0.l

Grammarly or autocorrect can not detect these errors as they are made for correcting words and phrases, not number combinations.

How do I change my password?

There are a few steps to change the Default Username and Password of Your Admin Page with IP Address.

Step 1: Log in to Your Admin Page first.

Step 2: Then Go to Settings/Admin Setting and look for the Password option and click on it.

Step 3: Now you will see two empty boxes, enter the Old Password and New Password and Click on Save/Apply button.

Please Note: If you See the Password Recovery Option please enable it – so that in the future if you forget your password you will get a hint to Remember it.

Can I Use the IP address?

The Address is not correct, because all IP address used for Private networks starts with 192.168. You can go to the Router settings and set up any IP address to log in to the Admin Panel if Possible.

But When you buy any router or Reset Your Router the default IP address will start with 192.168

Why log in to Admin Panel?

Why do I log in to – Here is the answer; You can log in to the admin panel to secure your wifi: Sometimes You need to change the Wifi Name and Password to make your Internet security for you and your family only, so any random person will not access it without a password.

Or You might have forgotten the Wifi Password and want to know or Reset the Password. There are multiple settings that you can perform if you log in to the Wifi Router Admin Panel.


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  3. My Question is about this IP Address, Can I change my default IP to from I think my neighbour is hitting my IP and trying multiple ID Passwords.

    1. Sure, You can change your IP to any IP just remember your ID and Password or in future, you may have to RESET your ROuter

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