Airtel Number Check Code -Know your Airtel Number in 10 seconds

If you also have forgotten your Airtel mobile number, just chill for a minute. I have come up with Airtel Number Check Tricks In this article.

You can easily check your airtel mobile number in 4 different ways. You have to read this complete article to know the detailed steps of all the 4 ways mentioned here.

The first and the easiest way to check the airtel mobile number is by using the USSD codes.

Airtel Number Check Code:

Here is the USSD code you will need to check your Airtel Mobile Number.

Use USSD Code
Airtel Number Check Code *282#

As you know the USSD code now, here are a few easy steps you have to follow to successfully know your airtel mobile number.

Steps To Find Out Your Airtel Number Using USSD code

  1. Open Your Phone’s Dialer App
  2. Type the USSD code *282#
  3. Now Tap on call option (From Airtel Sim Only)
  4. After a few seconds of buffering one pop-up message will come up.
  5. This message will show your airtel mobile number saying “Hi, Your mobile no. is: **********”

So, you can see the steps are so easy and quick that’s why I called this method the quickest method.

check airtel mobile number with ussd code

Note: Make sure to make a call from your airtel sim card only otherwise you will not get the results.

Check Airtel Number Using Airtel Thanks App:

The second easy way to check your airtel sim card number is through the airtel thanks app. This may need the extra effort of downloading the app. You can go for this method if the above USSD code method didn’t work for you.

Here are simple steps to check your airtel Mobile number using the airtel thanks app,

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks App from the app store
  2. Open the app and login with OTP you will receive
  3. Go on the Home page of the App
  4. You will see your mobile number on the top
  5. Just save it or take a screenshot for future use
check number in airtel thanks app

That’s it, this was also a very easy way to find out your airtel mobile number. But if you are a little lazy person and don’t want to download any new app to your phone then here is the third option for you.

Know Your Airtel Number By Calling Customer Care

This option is for those who have lots of patients and if the above methods didn’t work for you. You need a patient because you have to make a call on the customer care number and listen to all their plans and options until you listen to your required option.

Follow the steps to get your airtel mobile number,

  1. Dail Airtel customer care number 121
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. Listen to the option carefully and choose that says connect with our customer care executive (most of the time it is number 9)
  4. Once the call is connected you can ask the executive to tell your mobile number
  5. The executive will ask about your information to verify the details
  6. Once the verification is done, he/she will tell your Airtel mobile number.
  7. Now just write it down or save it to your mobile for the future.

As I told you to have to hear all the options till number 9 if you want to connect to the customer care executive. Sometimes this may feel irritating but if you have left with this option only then you will have to do this.

Get Your Airtel Mobile Number By Calling Other People

This is also the quick and easy method you can go for checking your airtel number but for some people, it may be embarrassing to tell others that they forget their own number.

But if it is no more an issue for you, just go for this method, what you have to do is,

  1. Take your mobile phone and dial any of your friend’s number
  2. Prefer your friends and family who are with you at that moment
  3. After calling, check what number is displaying on their mobile phone screen
  4. Note down your number
  5. If you are not with your friend right now then ask your friend to send this number from his/her call history to you

You can do the same procedure by sending an SMS but this may not be as fast as calling. One more problem with this method is your mobile number should be prepaid. If you don’t have sufficient balance on the sim card you can not make a call or send any message.

So, these are all the 4 ways you can use to check the airtel mobile number. I hope one of all four methods will work for you. If you still face any problems checking your airtel mobile number you can put your query in the comment section.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Here are some common questions asked for an airtel sim card or an airtel number. Check once to find out a solution for your doubt.


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