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Asus Router Setup – Login, Manage and Change Wifi Password

If you are looking for any help regarding Asus Wifi Router Setup, and change the Wifi or Admin Password in Asus Router then you are in the right place.

I will share some tips to make your Asus router Secure with tips to Reset the Router along with how you can use the Router as Wifi Range Extender everything, stay tuned.

Asus Default IP Address:

Asus Default Username/Password:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

The list of Asus Wifi Router Setup Guide is Here:

Here are some Wifi Settings that I am going to share so you will get some help with the Asus Wifi Router Setup.

  1. How to Login to the Asus Admin Panel?
  2. Change Admin and Wifi Password in ASUS RTN12  Router.
  3. How to RESET the Asus Router?
  4. How to set up repeater mode on ASUS RT-N12 Router?

Let’s get started with this Setup Guide. If you face any issues regarding any of these router guides you can ask me in the comment box.

How to Login to Asus Router Admin Page?

Step 1: First of all Connect your Asus Router with your PC.

Step 2: Then Visit the IP Address or and wait for the Login page to appear.

Step 3: Enter the Username and Password and hit the Login button. (Tip: As you are using the Asus Router the default Username and password is admin)

Congrats!! You are successfully logged in to the Admin Page of your Asus Router.

How to Change Wifi Password in ASUS RT-N12  Router?

You must change your Wifi Password because if you keep your Wi-Fi open for all it becomes easy to access your internet and may also hack your admin page.

Step 1: First of all Get Logged in to the Admin Panel of your Asus Router.

Step 2: Then Go to Wireless >> General Settings and There you can change the Wifi SSID that is Wifi Name.

Step 3: In the Same Setting check the Authentication Method and enter the WPA Pre-Shared Key that is Your Asus RT n12 Wifi Password (the default [00000000] will be assigned as your password.)

Step 4: Make sure you click on the Apply button to save changes. After this, Your router will Reboot, if not you can restart your Router to make the changes.

How to Change Asus RT-N12  Router Admin Password?

Your Admin Password is common for all Routers by default, if you don’t change it then anybody who is using your wifi can log in to the Admin Page and change your Wifi Settings.

Step 1: First of all you must get logged in to the Admin Page of RT-N12  Router.

Step 2: Then Go to Administration >> System settings there is one option with Change System password.

Step 3: Enter any password you want in the New Password tab then re-enter the same password and click on the Apply button to save changes.

Now Restart your Wifi Router to make the changes you have made. By using this method you can change your Asus RT-N12 Router Admin password, and make it secure.

How to RESET the Asus Router?

In case your change your Router Password and then Forget it or your router is not working properly then you will need to use the RESET Process.

Note: Please note that when you use this Reset method your all Router Settings will get erased and set to default settings and all devices connected will be removed. You need to set all settings again and connect all devices again.

Step 1: Take your Asus Router connect the Power and find the Reset button on it.

Step 2: Now Long Press the RESET button for 15 Seconds to RESET your Asus Router.

Step 3: Then the Router will Reboot and wait till the Router gets normal.

Now You can visit the Admin Login page IP address and log in with the default username and password “admin” and set your settings again.

How to set up Repeater mode on ASUS RT-N12 Router?

I will discuss how you can set up your Asus Router RTn12 Router as a Wi-Fi Repeater or Extender here.

Step 1: If you are already using this router for the internet you can check through the operating mode if your router has a switch for changing the operating mode.

Step 2: Use the Repeater Button from the Router Backside to change the Asus RT n12 Router Mode to Wifi Repeater.

Step 3: Then Connect your Router with your PC and Login to the Admin Panel of your Router.

Step 4: Then Let your Router search for the Main Modem/Internet Router, and connect to the router with your Asus RTn12 Router.

Step 5: Set up the Wifi Settings of your RT n12 Router and your router is ready to use as a Repeater.

If you face any issues about this please feel free to add a comment below. I will try my best to help you out.

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