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Activate BSNL Tunes – BSNL Caller Tune Numer/App/Website

With 4G unlimited Plans you get Free PRBT service that is a Free BSNL Tune service. BSNL User can activate/deactivate the BSNL Caller Tune using Number/SMS/App/Website.

To Activate a BSNL Callertune on your personal number Call on 56700 and follow the instruction (call charges applicable). If you like someone else caller tune then call them and press *9 to copy the caller tune (only for BSNL users).

Before you set any Caller Tune to your BSNL Number Check If your Plan has Free PRBT Service. If you do not have Free PRBT Service you will be charged Rs 30 for a monthly PRBT subscription and Rs 12 for song selection.

Here are some BSNL 4G Plans with Free PRBT

Here is how you can Set/Remove BSNL Caller Tune:

  1. Set BSNL Tune using Number/USSD Code
  2. Set/Gift BSNL Tune Online
  3. Set BSNL Tune using My BSNL Tunes App.

Let’s see all methods one by one and you can select your favorite Method to activate/deactivate the BSNL callertune.

BSNL Caller Tune Number Send SMS to Activate or Deactivate
Send SMS to Activate/Deactivate BSNL Tunes

1.How to use the BSNL Caller Tune Number 56700?

The 56700 is not a toll-free number so be careful while using this method. You can Activate/Deactivate BSNL CallerTune using this BSNL Caller tune number.

Also, you can dial *567# Code using your BSNL Number and Follow the Instructions to Activate the Caller Tune.

Step 1: Call on 56700 and Follow the Instruction to Activate BSNL Callertune.

Step 2: Type BT <Space> ACT and Send to 56700/56799 to Activate Default Caller Tune.

Step 3: Type BT <Space> Song Code and Send to 56700/56799 to Activate Any Song on Caller Tune.

Step 4: Type UNSUB and Send to 56700/56799 to Stop the BSNL CallerTune

Please Note: Here the Song Code is the Song BT Code you can find it on the BSNL Tune Website.

Song Codes or BT Codes to Activate BSNL Caller tune using SMS
Find BT Code to Activate BSNL Tune by SMS

You can visit the BSNL Tune Website here and Search the Song Code/BT Code to activate the Caller Tune using SMS.

To copy other BSNL user callers Tune call them and press *9 to copy the caller tune to your BSNL Number.

2. Set/Gift BSNL Caller Tune Online:

The BSNL Tune Website/Portal lets you search the caller tune song listen to it, Activate your BSNL number using OTP, and also, Gift the Callertune to your BSNL Friend.

To Gift the Callertune to your BSNL Friend you need to Sign up on BSNL Tunes Website.

Song Codes or BT Codes to Activate BSNL Caller tune using SMS
BSNL Website to Set Caller Tune with OTP
  • First Visit the BSNL Tune Website Click here
  • Search Your Favorite Song and Listen by clicking on the Play Button.
  • To Set the Caller Tune click on the Music Icon next to the song.
  • Then it will ask your BSNL Number enter the number.
  • Now you will receive an OTP enter the OTP to activate the Song as Caller Tune.

3. Set Caller Tune Using My BSNL Tunes App:

If you are using an Android Mobile Phone with BSNL Number then you can use this My BSNL Tunes App to Activate/Deactivate BSNL Tune with one click.

With this App, you can set different caller tunes for different moods and also, set a separate caller tune for a particular number.

My BSNL Tunes Android Application
  • First Download MY BSNL Tunes App from Google Play Store
  • Then Sign in with your BSNL Number and OTP (Auto detect number facility available).
  • Now go to Store and Search for your Favorite Song and open it.
  • Now you will see two options Set for All and Set for Particular Number.
  • Turn on the Set for All button to Set the Caller tune on your number that anybody can listen.
  • If you want to set a seperate caller tune for particular number choose the Set for Particular Number option.

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