BSNL Choice Number – How to Choose BSNL VIP Number?

CYMN BSNL or BSNL Choice Number is a great service provided by BSNL telecom company. You can visit the official website to get a BSNL Mobile Number of your Choice.

Well, there are multiple types of choice numbers you need to understand the category charges and how to apply before you visit the official website.

The BSNL CYMN website provides Fixed-price Choice Numbers for all of us When you visit the website you need to choose your Region >> State of India >> and then Filter out your choice number and Reserve the Choice Number for yourself.

Here are some short Steps you can follow: using Cymn BSNL

  • First, visit website and choose your Region.
  • Then select the State you are living in.
  • Then Filter out your Choice Number OR Fancy Number and Reserve the Number using OTP.
  • Then Visit the nearest BSNL Office and show them the Message you received.
  • Pay the Required Amount and get your SIM with your BSNL Fancy Number.

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That’s all about how you can Reserve a BSNL Choice Number but If you are looking for BSNL VIP Mobile Numbers for example 8300000022; 8300010001; 8300083000. Then you need to participate in E-Auction Bidding to get this lucky number.

BSNL E-Auction VIP/Premium Mobile Numbers:

Eauction BSNL VIP Numbers

Difference Between BSNL Choice Number and BSNL Premium Number:

Both BSNL Choice Number and BSNL Vip/Premium Number is a reserve numbers categories. These numbers are reserved and contain easy-to-remember number combinations and look cool.

BSNL Choice Number

  1. BSNL Choice Numbers are easy to Remember
  2. These Numbers are Cheaper than VIP Numbers
  3. You can directly Reserve one or multiple Numbers and get it.
  4. You have to Reserve these numbers and then visit the BSNL office to get your Number.
  5. Eg. 7588720010; 9405042829; 8275769988


  1. BSNL VIP Numbers are Very easy to Remember
  2. VIP Numbers are expensive and include Bidding Process
  3. The Winner is able to Book the VIP Number
  4. You can Participate in the Online Eauction procedure on BSNL Website.
  5. Eg. 8300000022; 8300100022; 8300001234

BSNL Fancy Numbers (Fixed Price ₹767) Sample Numbers: Maharashtra

Starting With 9403 9404 9405 7588 8275
Number List 9403717181 9404027475 9405022526 7588212828 8275003311
Number List 9403718898 9404906061 9405021617 7588212626 8275003334
Number List 9403222335 9404905051 9405019091 7588278484 8275009966
Number List 9403588090 9404707879 9405043031 7588278383 8275010303
Number List 9403648800 9404708081 9405042829 7588278282 8275769988
Number List 9403646600 9404123423 9405901828 7588277878 8275769966
Number List 9403645566 9404860010 9405958090 7588828090 8275768877
Number List 9403667722 9404078844 9405610066 7588212636 8275767871
Number List 9403758811 9404078855 9405068866 7588197989 8275767585
Number List 9403712233 9404081144 9405067722 7588720010 8275760033
Number List 9403148080 9404081155 9405064466 7588155767 8275756768
Number List 9403148484 9404081177 9405940919 7588440616 8275757181
Number List 9403356363 9404082244 9405940808 7588202535 8275753311
Number List 9403012626 9404087788 9405949911 7588726272 8275750044
Number List 9403074242 9404320088 9405094400 7588723242 8275747686
Number List 9403101516 9404320099 9405089977 7588066070 8275746600
Number List 9403101819 9404390044 9405501243 7588940044 8275012323
Number List 9403207778 9404084466 9405501114 7588940066 8275016767
Number List 9403630304 9404072266 9405994848 7588940088 8275016969
Number List 9403630506 9404073322 9405987989 7588790088 8275018080
There are 5000+ Numbers Available

How to Get BSNL Choice Number in 24 Hours? 2022

Follow the 4-step easy guide and get the BSNL Number with your choice in your hand within the next 24 hours. (This Number can cost you Approx. ₹500 to ₹3000)

Step 1: First Visit the BSNL Choice Number Official website.

Step 2: Then Select Your Region so that you can select your State of India to continue.

Select Your Zone and State of India

Step 3: Then You will have Two options on the next Page “Choice Numbers & Fancy Numbers” I recommend you go with Fany Numbers as you will find more VIP Numbers in this option.

Select Choice Numbers and Reserve your Number

Step 4: In the Fancy Numbers (Fixed Price) Option you will be charged the same amount for any number you Reserve. Sort the Mobile Numbers in Ascending/Decending order by clicking on the Mobile Number Text.

Reserve BSNL Fancy Number with Fixed Price

Step 5: Then Select one or Multiple Mobile Numbers and Click on the Reserve Number option to proceed.

Reserve Your BSNL Choice Number with OTP and get it

Then You will see one Popup that will ask you for your current mobile number For Confirmation Booking with OTP verification.

Confirm the OTP Verification and you will receive an SMS take that SMS to the nearest BSNL Office within the next 48 Hours to claim your BSNL Choice Number.

To Get A BSNL VIP Mobile Number Try This:

If you are willing to acquire a VIP or Premium BSNL Mobile Number and you can afford to bid more than ₹5000 then you can follow the steps given below:

  • First Visit the BSNL VIP Mobile Number E-Auction Portal
  • Then Sign up with your new account and learn more about the number patterns
  • Number Patterns decide the bidding amount of that VIP Mobile Number.
  • The Highest bidder for a particular mobile number will get the VIP Mobile Number.

Eauction BSNL VIP Numbers


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