Top 7 BSNL Postpaid Plans [3G/4G]

Not everyone prefers to use the Prepaid Plan, rather BSNL Postpaid Plans are more feasible for those who don’t have time to think about monthly recharges they just care about their bills.

If you are interested and can give some time to compare the BSNL 4G Plans then you can check for Prepaid plans and choose the right one for you.

Here I am going to share the most popular All India BSNL Postpaid Plans starting from ₹199 up to ₹1525 per month. You can choose the right one for you accordingly.

List of BSNL 3G/4G Postpaid Plans:

  • Plan 199 – 25GB Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls
  • Plan 399 (Ghar Wapsi) – 70GB Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls
  • Plan 525 – 85GB Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls
  • Plan 798 – 50GB Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls
  • Plan 999 – 75GB Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls
  • Plan 1525 – Unlimited Data 100 SMS and Unlimited Calls

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BSNL Postpaid Plans in Details:

You just had an introduction list above now I will tell you a detailed table with the pros and cons included in each BSNL Postpaid Plan stay tuned.

First Check the table info showing more info about All India BSNL Postpaid Plans, this info will clear your doubts so you can select the perfect one for you easily. For more help Visit BSNL Official Website.

All India Best Postpaid Plans in BSNL
SR Title Plan-199 Plan-399 Plan-525 Plan-798 Plan-999 Plan-1525
1. Registration Amount Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
2. Activation Charges ₹100 ₹100 ₹100 ₹100 ₹100 ₹100
3. Monthly Bill ₹199 ₹399 ₹525 ₹798 ₹999 ₹1525
4. Unlimited Calls Free Free Free Free Free Free
5. Free SMS 100 100 100 100 100 100
6. Free Data 25GB 70GB 85GB 50GB 75GB Unlimited
6.1 Data Roll Over 75GB 210GB 255GB 150GB 225GB Unlimited
7. Family SIM NA NA 1 Sim 2 Sim 3 Sim NA
All India Best BSNL Postpaid Plans

Plan Conditions to be Noted:

Security Deposit: Here are some Security Deposit Conditions for each BSNL Postpaid Plan read them carefully.

  • Refundable Amount for New BSNL User on clearance of all dues.
  • No security deposit for BSNL Employees, Government Employees, Existing BSNL subscribers, or Bank employees who give an ECS mandate

Security Deposit Charges for New BSNL Users are:

  1. ₹500 for Local+STD Postpaid Connection
  2. ₹2000 for Local+STD+ISD Postpaid Connection
  3. ₹5000 for Local+STD+ISD+International Roaming Postpaid Connection

Conditions for Family Sim on ₹525,₹798,₹999 Plan:

  • For Plan 525 – 1 additional Family Sim with Unlimited Voice & no free Data/SMS.
  • For Plan 798 – 2 additional Family Sim with Unlimited Voice & 50GB Data & 100 SMS for each Sim.
  • For Plan 999 – 3 additional Family Sim with Unlimited Voice & 75GB Data & 100 SMS for each Sim.

Now you know each plan’s details with terms and conditions, choose your plan wisely and continue with billing every month.

The above Plans are given with fixed monthly usage and billing charges, in case you overuse some free benefits like data and SMS here are some extra charges you need to pay for that.

SR Title Charges
1. Local SMS ₹0.80/SMS
2. National SMS ₹1.20/SMS
3. International SMS ₹5/SMS
4. Data charges (Paisa/MB) ₹0.01/MB
Extra Charges if you use beyond-plan Freebies

BSNL Postpaid Promotional Offers:

Along with the BSNL Postpaid connection, you can avail of this Postpaid Promotional Offer (Stay Updated) to get bonus Talktime or Free Offers.

SR Price Validity Offer
1. ₹100 NA Full Talktime if Topup on Sunday
2. ₹699 180 days Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, 0.5GB/Day Free PRBT 60 Days
3. ₹2399 425 Days Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, 35GB/Day Free PRBT, Free Eros Now
BSNL Postpaid Promotional Offers 2021

Why You Should Go for BSNL Postpaid Plans?

If you are a busy person and the only person to take care of your family then you must choose a Postpaid plan as you will get a monthly bill to pay.

With Postpaid you can choose an option to get extra Family Sim with the Same bill with no extra billing cost. The Data and Calling will be shared within the sim cards.

Most of the Office owners use BSNL Postpaid Plans as they get a Printed Monthly bill to show it in company expenses and don’t have to worry about discontinuing any Sim connection.

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