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BSNL Recharge Plans List 2022 Updated!!

There are only a few major Telecom Players available in India in 2022. BSNL is one of them and today I will share some exciting BSNL Recharge Plans List with you that you will wish to port in BSNL.

Due to Financial crises, BSNL was operating on 3G technology but now all over India, BSNL is planning 4G and 5G along with the Fiber broadband technology.

There is no doubt that BSNL is a leading brand in Landline and Broadband services but it is struggling in Mobile networks due to private players and poor service.

But now to attract more customers to port in BSNL, BSNL is offering exciting Welcome Plans and some regular Unlimited Plans also.

List of BSNL Recharge Plans 2022:

So without wasting time let’s get started with the most popular plans first and then I will share other Regular Unlimited Plans.

Please Note: If you are looking for BSNL Plans for your State then you can visit to Check BSNL 4G Plans in your State.

Here is some First time Recharge List you can enjoy when you buy a new BSNL Sim or Port to BSNL.

PriceValidityDataCalls & Offer
108281GB/DayUnlimited Calls + 500 SMS
153281GB/DayUnlimited Calls+100 SMS/ Day
+ Free PRBT
199302GB/DayUnlimited Calls+100SMS/Day
249452GB/DayUnlimited Data+100 SMS/Day
6661201.5GB/DayUnlimited Calls+100 SMS/Day
6991800.5GB/DayUnlimited Calls+100SMS/Day
+Free Caller Tune 60Days

Request: This is a kind request to all users please verify your Plan details before any recharge. The Value you see may vary so you can cross-verify it by calling the customer care OR visiting the Near by BSNL Branch or using any Online Recharge app.

The above table probably works for New Customers with First Recharge only. If you are an old/Regular BSNL Customer checks out these exciting 4G Plans below.

Price Validity Data Call, SMS & Offer
₹9922 DaysNAUnlimited Calls & Free PRBT
₹49 24 Days 2GB100 Minutes, extra [email protected]/min 100SMS
₹94 75 Days3GB100 Minutes, extra [email protected]/min, Free PRBT
₹75 50 Days 2GB 100 Minutes, extra [email protected]/min, Free PRBT
₹118 26 Days 500MB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & Free PRBT
₹106 84 Days 3GB 100 Minutes & Free PRBT
₹187 285 Days 2GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & Free PRBT
₹319 75 Days 10GB Unlimited Calls, 300SMS
₹397*300 Days2GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & (Free PRBT for 60 Days)
₹49990 Days 2GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & BSNL tune + Zing
₹599 84 Days5GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, Zing (Unlimited Data 00:00 to 05:00)
₹666 120 Days2GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & BSNL tune + Zing
₹699 180 Days 0.5GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & (Free PRBT for 60 Days)
₹997 180 Days 3GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & (Free PRBT for 60 Days)
₹1999 365 Days 500GB Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & (Free PRBT for 60 Days)
₹2399 455 Days 3GB/Day Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/Day, & Free PRBT
Most used 4G Unlimited Plans

If you are having trouble understanding these BSNL Recharge Plans details then comment below your question and I will try to reach out to you with an answer.

Till then I have explained a few Abbreviations/Short terms used in the tables above so that you can understand the meaning and Recharge accordingly.

Terms Regarding BSNL Recharge Plans List:

Q 1. Are All plans valid for me?

Answer: No, The table shown above is for First-time Customer Recharge and the second one is for all other customers.

Q 2. Should I Verify the Plan before Recharge?

Answer: Yes, You must Verify the Plan before any Recharge. Because BSNL Keeps updating their plans and few plans come with expiry date then they get closed.

Q 3. What is PRBT?

Answer: PRBT in BSNL stands for Personalized Ring Back Tone. This is a caller tune that is set for your caller rather than the default phone ring.

Q 4. Can I increase my BSNL Plan Validity?

Answer: Yes, a Few recharges are available specially made for validity boosters. You can use them to extend your Current Plan with existing benefits.

Q 5. How to Port in BSNL Network?

Answer: Simple, First Send an SMS to your current Sim Network write PORT your mobile no. and send it on 1900. You will receive a reply code take your Adhar card and visit the nearby Porting Facility and get ported in BSNL.

Q 6. Is Porting to BSNL Free of cost?

Answer: The posting facility is not usually Free but if you find out some agents or Festival offers BNSL start a campaign to give Free Porting option to other customers.

Q 7. Are the above Plans valid in my State of India?

Answer: Not sure but you can do one thing, visit our BSNL 4G Plans Article and also check it online.

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