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Carrier Lock No Sim Restriction: iPhone Guide

Just browsing the settings and found Carrier Lock No Sim Restriction this and you wonder what is this then let me tell you it’s good to see that your iPhone has no Sim Restrictions.

That means you can use the current sim without any extra settings efforts. The rest of the time if this is showing your Sim Locked then you should worry about it.

Let me explain you in deep just need your few minutes to understand.

Carrier Lock No Sim Restrictions Meaning in iPhone:

This Carrier Lock no Sim Restriction Means your current Sim is supported perfectly and you can use it in your iPhone without any extra setting.

It is mandatory to check if you are buying a new iPhone or Second Hand iPhone from the market. Take the phone and go to the Settings and check for Carrier Lock if it’s showing No Sim Restriction then the phone is ready to buy.

Well while buying an iPhone do take any iPhone user with your because lots of fake iPhones are available in the market at cheap rates.

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How to Check the Carrier Lock Setting in iPhone?

This is an easy two-step method by that you can check if your iPhone has Sim Lock/Restriction or Not.

Step 1: First you need to open the Settings in iPhone

Step 2: Then go to General Option and then click on the About option there.

Step 3: Now scroll to the bottom and you will see the Carrier Lock option. Check if it’s showing No Sim Restrictions or not.

How to Fix Carrier Lock - Sim Restriction issue iPhone

Does it mean No Sim Restriction is a Good iPhone?

Yes and No bot, because the Sim Restricted iPhones are way cheaper than the No Sim Restriction iPhones. But, there is one problem, you might have seen CDMA phones likewise if you choose Restricted iPhones then you can not use other Sim on your Phone.

For eg. if You are on tour outside the country and need a new SIM Network to use your Phone then you will not be able to use the same iPhone for a new SIM if it’s Carrier Restricted.

Benefits of Using Carrier Unlocked iPhones:

Here are some plus points as per my Point of View if you use an Unlocked iPhone.

  • You get the Freedom to use any Sim Network.
  • If your iPhone has a dual sim option then you can use two different network providers with this unlocked feature
  • While you are outside of your country you are free to choose any regional Sim provider for temporary use.

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