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Dial *199# to Check Vodafone Number

I often found people searching for How to Check Vodafone Number, which means guys you are the owner and you must know your own mobile number isn’t it true?

Anyways, Wheather you are using a Vodafone Idea Sim, BSNL Sim, Airtel, or Jio Sim there are some common tricks to know your number.

Check Vodafone Number with A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you curious to know your Vodafone number but don’t know how to check it? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find your Vodafone phone number:

  1. Check your Vodafone Number using USSD Code *199#
  2. Check Your Mobile Number by calling someone.
  3. Know your Mobile Number using the Vi App.
  4. Dial customer care and ask them for your number.
  5. Check your Mobile Number on the Sim Pocket

There may be multiple ways to know your Mobile Number, such as any setting in your Android Phone that may let you know your mobile number.

But in simple ways, I would suggest using the USSD Code or calling someone who is near you and check your mobile number.

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Method 1: Using USSD Code

Please note this is not mandatory that the code shared in this article will work forever because all codes are designed by the respective company and they can deactivate or change those USSD Codes.

how to check vodafone number
  • First Open your Mobile Phone Dialer App
  • Then Type *199# and dial this USSD Code
  • Then a Flash Message will appear on your Phone Screen

This Flash Message will contain the Information about Your Sim, for eg. your Vodafone Mobile Number.

Method 2: Check Mobile No. Using Phone Settings

You can consider this Method as a universal mobile number finder technique because you can find your Mobile Number even if you are using a Vodafone sim, a Jio Sim, an Airtel Sim, or any other sim.

  • First Go to the “Settings” menu on your phone.
  • Then Select “About Phone” or “Device Information.”
  • Scroll down until you find the “Phone Number” section.
  • Your Vodafone number should be listed there.

Method 3: Check Vodafone Number Using Vi App

Vodafone is now merged with Idea so the merger is called Vi. The Vodafone Idea or Vi company has an Application for Android/iOS that helps their customer to track their sim Activity and Recharge.

Here we can use the Vi App to check your Vodafone Mobile Number follow the steps:

(To use this method you already need an account logged in to the Vi APP.)

  • First, download the Vi app if you do not have it Click Here
  • Then Open the App and go to your Profile.
  • Below your Profile ID, you will see your Mobile Number listed.

How to Check Whether Vodafone Number is Active or Not?

Accordingly to the new rule after your current plan is expired you get a 7-day free validity where you may receive incoming calls only.

But after that period your Sim will not be active but still, you can re-activate it with a min. of ₹99 recharge approx. (please check the mentioned Plan Validity before doing recharge)

You can check whether your Vodafone Number is active or not by:

  1. Dialing your Mobile Number from someone’s number
  2. Dialing someone’s number from your Number
  3. Go to the Mi Vi app and get detailed validity info.
  4. Dial *121# and get current plan info along with new offers for you.

As per information available online Your sim will be active for 3 months and you can get back your mobile number but after that time period your number may be assigend to any other customer by the company.

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