How to Extend JioFi WiFi Range using WiFi Router?

There is always a problem with networks in India regarding Tower Signal or Wifi Signal.

The Same is in the case of JioFi Wifi Range, sometimes you get a good network but need to place the router away from your workplace.

To solve this JioFi Range Problem and Extend the Wifi Range I Have one Solution to Extend the Wifi Renge.

  1. Using one more router as a repeater. (You can use any of these Wifi Routers)
  2. Either You can Use any Router as Range Extender (Wifi Repeater) or Buy New Wifi Extender from Amazon.

Types of Other Wifi Router

  • TP-Link
  • D-Link
  • Opti-Link
  • NetGear
  • Tenda
  • Mi Routers
  • Asus
  • Digisoul

Can You use JioFi as WiFi Extender?

No! JioFi is a Modem device it does not support the Wifi Extender feature. You can only extend the JioFi Range using another Wifi Router as mentioned above.

How to Extend JioFi WiFi Range & Get High-Speed Internet?

Watch this video and follow the Steps. If you don’t want to watch it I will share some steps below this video follow them to use your Router/Extender to Increase the JioFi Range up to 200 Meters.

Step 1: Configure Your New Jiofi Device:

When you buy a new JioFi it comes with a default Name and hard password. You can Reset the name and Password to make it easy to remember and use on any wifi device.

To get detailed info about this please read our guide – How to Change JioFi Wifi Password?

Step 2: Reset Your Other Router to use it as an Extender:

You can choose any router if you have it already in your home. Or just visit Amazon and Buy a new Wifi Router. You can buy a Range Extender for Just ₹949.

I will be Sharing a TP-Link Router Guide You can follow the Same guide For Any Router you have.

Check for the Reset Or WPS/Reset Button on Your Router, then Press and hold it for More than 10 Seconds. This will Reset the Old Settings in Your (Tp-link or Any) Router.

Step 3: Connect your Router with your Laptop/PC:

After Reseting the (Tp-Link or Any) router you have to connect it with your PC/Laptop for further settings. (Use the default Password given on the backside of the router.)

After connecting using the address to open the Tp-link Admin Panel. The default Ip Address, Login id, and Password to Login Admin Panel is also given at the backside of your Router.

Here we are going to use the Quick Setup Mode.

Step 4: Login and Go to Quick Setup in TP-Link Router:

Let’s Get Started with the Quick Setup Mode and Setup Range Extender

1. Once You are Login Click on Quick Setup mode and Click Next

2. Scan for nearby Wifi and click on the Connect button of your JioFi Name

3. Connect with your JioFi Wifi using your Password and Click Save

This will need to reboot your router (not the Jiofi router) and then all done. Congrats your router has been set up in Range Extender Mode.

You can place the JioFi Wifi in any room and use the other router as a repeater to extend the JioFi Range.

Please note if you are not using the TP-Link Router or Your Router does not have this Quick Setup Mode then watch this video to set up your router.

Note: Please check the barriers between JioFi and Repeater router to avoid Internet Speed Loss. You can use the following Troubleshoot guide.