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200 Good WiFi Names – Funny Wifi Names to Keep People Away

Good and Funny WiFi Names are always popular among those who have annoying neighbors. It does not matter if you are an old or new WiFi user your WiFi password will be asked and used as a boss by your neighbor.

But I have some awesome WiFi Name trick that your neighbor will not ask for the password or either do not find the WiFi Name.

If you want your neighbor to be ashamed to ask for your WiFi password then follow the names list given in the first top 50 WiFi Names.

If you want to hide your WiFi name from your neighbor’s eyes just follow the guide given at the bottom of this article.

List of Funny WiFi Names:

Use any from the first 50 Names to feel like someone is begging for the password and you are the boss to choose whether to give the password or not.

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  1. TP-Link is not Available
  2. Free WiFi for Girls
  3. Bring Your Dad
  4. Only For Lazy People
  5. Khiladi 786
  6. Jewlis ka
  7. Ghe Bhikari
  8. Buy Something
  9. My Name is Tera Baap
  10. Bol Be Bhikari
  11. Bham Bham Bhole
  12. Tata Byby Khatam
  13. PM Modi ki jay
  14. 80 Hajar ka WiFi
  15. Tera Ghar Bik jayega isme
  16. Jo 13 he wo mera
  17. Password Chus Mera
  18. Aukad ke bahar he tere
  19. Fan of BTS
  20. ……….Hidden…….
  21. Hide and Seek
  22. Mark Zuku bergu
  23. kuch nahi karoge tum munna
  24. Wasepur ke Gang ka WiFi
  25. Mirzapur ke King WiFi
  26. Fukat me nahi milega
  27. 150 rupiya dega
  28. Daya Kuch to Password he
  29. Daya tod do ye Password
  30. Password ke liye Kud jaye
  31. thara bhai dalindar
  32. A BC Password
  33. 1 2 ka 4 tu he chor
  34. Sinchan is my Name
  35. WiFi Not Available
  36. Sorry No WiFi Found
  37. Hack me if you Can
  38. Just for My GF

Coming Soon………………. More names coming Soon till then use these WiFi Names and enjoy.

How to Hide Wifi Names from Neighbors?

Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid your neighbors by just using some funky WiFi Names. So just to let them make sure your WiFi is not working you can Hide your WiFi name from others.

Note: When you Hide your WiFi Name or WiFi SSID you need to type the WiFi name manually in case you want to connect with it. The Name should be entered as you have given and case sensitive.

Here are common steps to Hide your WiFi Name:

In general, you will find an option given with the “Hide WiFi” name with one checkbox, under the Router Advanced Setting or Wireless Setting.

How to Hide WiFi Name from Neighbor
image credit Huawei
  • Let’s take an example of Huawei Router and know how to Hide your WiFi name:
  • Make sure you are connected to your WiFi using the PC/Laptop or Mobile
  • Then log in to the Admin Panel using Gateway IP Address. Find yours
  • Now go to Advanced > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Security Settings. Click the Pencil icon.
  • Now at the bottom, you will see the Hide WiFi option just tick the box next to it and Save settings.

That’s it your WiFi Name is now hidden for new users and nobody can connect without entering the name and password correctly as mentioned.

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