How Can I Upgrade JioFi Firmware?

Why Upgrade jioFi Firmware?
A Jiofi Firmware Upgrade is Software that is used to fix Issues. You can upgrade JioFi Firmware to fix bugs in your JioFi device.

Benefits of using JioFi Firmware Update:

  • Fix Old bugs in JioFi
  • Fix the battery issue
  • Fix the Connectivity issue
  • Improve Internet Speed

Quick-Step Guide for JioFi Firmware Update:

  • Check for the latest Firmware Update news on
  • If any is available for your JioFi then Download the Firmware to your PC
  • Then log in to the JioFi admin panel using Jiofi.local.html
  • Go to Settings >>Firmware Management and take the Backup
  • Now upload the new firmware update and click on the update button.

Note: If the update does not work or your JioFi does not work properly, then Reset your JioFi and upload the Old backup again.

Detail Steps to Upgrade JioFi Firmware:

Follow these steps to easily upgrade the firmware of your jiofi device. For this, I will share one video you can watch it and follow those steps.

Step 1: Check for the Latest Firmware update and Download:

First of all, check the version of JioFi You are using Here are some popular JioFi device types.

  • JioFi 2 (M2/M2S)
  • JioFi 3 (JMR 520/JMR 540/JMR 541)
  • JioFi 4 (JMR 1140)
  • JioFi 5 (JMR 814)
  • JioFi 6 (JMR 815)

You can search on Google or just check to get the latest Firmware for your Device.

Step 2: Log in to Jio Admin Panel:

Now connect JioFi to your Mobile or Laptop/PC. You can use a Mobile/PC/Laptop to Upgrade Jiofi Firmware easily.

Login to the JioFi Admin Panel by visiting http://jiofi.local.html and then entering your Username and password.

If you don’t know the username and password: enter this default username and password – “administrator


Step 3: Go to Firmware Settings and Take backup:

Now once you are login to the JioFi admin panel go to the settings and then look for Firmware settings.

Then back up your current version of JioFi Firmware so that if you do any mistakes while you upgrade JioFi Firmware then this backup will help.


Please be careful while upgrading this jiofi firmware any wrong firmware can damage your device

Step 4: Select the Latest Firmware and Upload:

This is the final step to Upgrade JioFi Firmware. You need to click the Browse button and choose the new Firmware file.

Then click on the Upgrade button to proceed with the Update process. Once this process is completed your JioFi device will reboot and the firmware will get an update.

easy steps to update jiofi firmware

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: