Store Locator – How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open

It’s been too late and you are hungry now right! and you are searching for How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open? Don’t worry if you are living in a metro city like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, or Indore then you will definitely find something to eat.

Generally in semi-urban cities Shops and Malls are open till 8 to 9 PM and then after due to single-worker shifts they have to close the store. But this is not the same in the case of urban cities, in metro cities or urban cities Shop Stores and Malls get more workers and they can run in two shifts so the shops can be open till 12 AM.

How to Find How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open?

Here I have designed one tool for you that finds the closest grocery store near your location or city in which you are.

Grocery Store Locator

Search Store

Tip: for accurate results turn on your location on mobile.

  • First Select the state in which you are currently searching.
  • Then select the district/city in the next option you want a shop opened.
  • Then click on the Search Store Button to find out which grocery store is open nearby your location.

Some cities such as Mumbai never sleep you will find few shops open in the day and some are open at night. So they work in shifts and if you want to buy something you will have 24x7 store open availability.

How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open

Late Night Closest Grocery Shop Time Table:

There are multiple grocery shopping malls in metro cities but they often close before 11 PM. The tool you see above is designed to show the data available on Google Maps by that you can find the smallest possible grocery shop near your location.

Here are some popular Grocery shops or stores with their opening and closing timing.

Late Night Grocery Store Time Table in Your City:
Grocery Store Name  Open Time Close Time 
Walmart Inc. 09:30 AM 11:30 PM
The Kroger Co. 09:30 AM 10:30 PM
Albertsons Cos. Inc. 09:30 AM 10:30 PM
Ahold Delhaize USA 09:30 AM 11:30 PM
Publix Super Markets Inc. 09:30 AM 10:30 PM
H.E. Butt Grocery Co. 09:30 AM 11:30 PM
Meijer Inc 09:30 AM 10:30 PM
Wakefern Food Corp. 09:30 AM 11:30 PM
Aldi Inc 09:30 AM 10:30 PM
Whole Foods Market 09:00 AM 10:30 PM
Late Night Grocery Store Near Your Home

How do Manually Find the Closest Grocery Shop Near Me?

If you want to learn how you can find the nearest possible open grocery shop at your location then you can follow the guide below.

  • first turn on your Mobile Internet and Location
  • Then Open the Google Map App
  • Then Search for Grocery Shop Open Near Me

The App will automatically fetch your location details and show you nearby open shops that are open at the time you have searched for it.

Is it safe to shop Late Night from any Grocery Shop or Mall?

Shopping at late night especially shopping alone at night is not safe. Some cities are safe anytime because of the patrolling cars but there is no guarantee for anybody because most of the crimes happen at night.

The Grocery Store open at night nearby you

If you are going outside for shopping make sure you don't go alone. And if you think your area or city is not that safe keep the emergency police number on the speed dial.

Generally, it is safe to go shopping at night if you are in your local area you can immediately do the shopping and come back home.