How Much Speed do you Need for Streaming?

This 21st century is of 4G and Broadband, we already moved from DTH to Online Platforms. Worrying about How much Speed do you need for Streaming is obvious because The Brodabands like JIO, Airtel, and BSNL in India are giving away free access to Lots of OTT Platforms for free.

How to Calculate the Speed Required?

Lots of experts are available on the Internet they calculate their own Required speed and display it to their audience.

But one formula I found online is very decent and convincing You can calculate How much Speed do you need for Streaming by using that formula.

Here is my formula that I think works in most of the cases and may help you while choosing your Internet Service Provider for Watching or doing the Streaming.

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How Much Speed Do You Need for Streaming TV APPS?

As you have seen the Speed Calculation formula above You can calculate how much speed you will need to watch a Streaming APP online on Your Smart TV.

Sometimes it’s not the ISP or Speed fault some other issues may be responsible for an obstacle in your TV Streaming even after you have a Large Speed Internet Connection.

Good For Streaming

  • Keep Your Wifi Device Near to TV
  • Choose Right Video Resolution as per Your Internet Speed
  • Use Broadband if Possible
  • Use Default apps in TV

Bad for Streaming

  • Wall Obstacle between TV and Wifi
  • Auto Video Resolution makes your video buffer
  • Mobile Internet Speed is not Constant
  • Modified TV Apps take loading time

before we get started for which app needs how much speed for Steaming – Check Which Streaming Platform is Good for You!

How Much Speed do Netflix Need?

How Much Speed do Netflix Need edited

Netflix Subscription comes in 4 plans:

  1. Mobile Plan with 480p Resolution only for Mobile
  2. Basic Plan for TV or Mobile 480p
  3. Standard Plan with 1080p Resolution
  4. Premium Plan With 4k+HDR Resolution

If we use the formula given above then we get the following results for Minimum and Maximum Speed Result

  • Minimum Speed: 5.9 MBPS (for 480p)
  • Maximum Speed: 41 MBPS (for 4k+HDR)

How Much Speed do Prime Video Need?

How Much Speed do Prime Video Need edited

There is no Resolution plan in the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform like Netflix. When You purchase the Prime Plan

When You Purchase the Prime Plan you get access to watch 4k Resolution Videos.

So you can watch the Prime Video content in Any Resolution from 480p to 4k. That means you will need:

  • Minimum Speed: 5.9 MBPS (for 480p)
  • Maximum Speed: 41 MBPS (for 4k+HDR

How Much Speed do Hotstar Need?

How Much Speed do Hotstar Need

There are two Plans in Disnep+ Hotstar. If you are a Hotstar Premium Member then You can watch the content Up to 4k Resolution.

But If you buy a Hotstar VIP Plan then You get a Maxx resolution of 720P.

For Hotstar VIP You will need 9 MBPS Speed Internet Whereas, for Hotstar Premium You will Need up to 41 MBPS Speed Internet.

How Much Speed will Youtube Live Stream Take?

Youtube is a Product of Google inc and they have the fastest servers in this world. If you want to live stream on Youtube or watch Youtube Streaming You have lots of Resolution Options as follows:

  • 240p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 720p 60FPS
  • 1080p
  • 1080p 60 FPS
  • 2k

For Uploading a Live Streaming on Youtube You will need good Internet Speed Broadband up to 41 MBPS Speed Internet for 1080p 60FPS Streaming.

But to watch the Streaming up to 2k Resolution You can use any Internet and let the Video Quality be on Auto Mode, It will adjust the Quality according to your Internet Speed.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

Now you know how much speed do you need for your work, but what if the speed is not as per the plan you are paying for?

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Let’s take a look at what factors can affect your Internet Speed at home/Office and How you can Increase Your Internet Speed!

The Wire Differences:

If you are using an Old age ADSL connection of SIM network Router then there are some chances you can get Slow Internet.

The ADSL wires are now out of order and you won’t get More than 5 MBPS Speed on them, Please Upgrade your Connection.

The Second Factor of SIM Router – If you are using a Busy Network Provider or your Network is poor at your Place you need to change the Operator for Better Speed.

Check Your Wifi Users:

Typically a Strong Wifi Supports up to 20 Devices at a time, but just think you are using a 10 MBPS Plan and there are 10 Wifi Users connected to your Router.

Then the Speed will obviously get divided and you will not get the full usage. What you can do in this condition is either update your Plan Speed or Reduce the users.

Get An Updated Plan up to 50MBPS for at least 10 users and Now the day’s Internet is quite cheap.

The second option is to find out who is being burdon on your Wifi as a user and block them.

The Router Type:

You can use any Regular Wifi Router with a 2.4Ghz frequency until you are not using other services like the same Wi-Fi router nearby, or lots of Bluetooth or Microwave devices.

As these all are working on the same Wifi Frequency they will create a barrier in the Wifi Network and you will get Slow or No internet while doing work.

The solution to this is to use a dual-band Wifi Router with 5Ghz frequency or Remove those obstacles like other wifi routers or Microwave in your Room.

Update your Wifi Router Software:

Most of the time we don’t have a look at our Wifi Admin Panel and check what’s going on there, these Wifi Companies often update the Firmware that is Wifi Software to reduce the bugs.

And if you update your Wifi once a quarter can help you to fix those issues and May increases your Internet Speed.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

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