3 Tips to Increase the Internet Speed [Live Proof]

You may find 10+ or 20+ Ways to Increase the Internet Speed online on Google or YouTube. But You just need as many as 5 Tips to Increase your Wifi/Router Internet Speed.

The very basic thing to be considered is:- You can not go beyond the Internet Speed that you have purchased.

Let’s say, You have a broadband/Internet subscription with 100MBPS then you can not get 200 MBPS speed by any trick; for that, you need to upgrade your subscription plan.

Here are some Basic Tips to Increase the Internet Speed:

  1. Use a LAN connection to use the Internet.
  2. Reduce the Interference in WiFi Connection.
  3. Use dual Band Router for Full Speed on Wifi
  4. Check for Full Network Coverage
  5. Prefer the best Internet Service Provider

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Those who follow us will get all my points given above. If you are new I am going to explain all these points in detail with a detailed guide.

Tip: Those who use 2MBPS Internet can improve their Internet Speed by Using Google DNS

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Advice: If you really want good Internet connectivity, always go for Good devices and Service Providers, then the cheap rate devices and Service Providers. Also, check reviews about what you are going to buy.

How to Increase the Internet Speed on PC/Phone?

You can get 99% Internet Speed of your Subscription Pack on PC/Phone for browsing and It’s my calculation that for downloading you get 1/10 download speed of your Plan.

For Eg. if you have purchased a 100 MBPS Plan then you can get up to 10MBPS Download Speed (also depending upon the remote server of downloading the file). You can get more downloading Speed by using the IDM Software.

Top 3 Tips to Increase the Internet Speed:

1. Use Lan Cable for PC/Laptop:

A Wired Network always works better than WiFi, you can use a LAN connection from your Router to PC/Laptop and get High-Speed Internet.

If your Router is Placed in the range of 9 Meters of your workplace where you use your PC then you can prefer the LAN Connection over the Wifi connection.

I have set up my Home Broadband connection next to my Workplace table at 3 Feet distance from my Laptop and used a 1 Meter Lan cable to utilize the maximum speed.

By using the Lan cable I am getting Internet Speed of more than 100% of my subscription plan with the first preference over other WiFi devices.

Also, When we use a LAN Cable there is no disturbance like a Wall barrier or Network Interface error by other Wireless devices like other WiFi Router/Microwave oven/Bluetooth devices.

2. Reduce the Interference in WiFi Connection:

In day-to-day life, we use some devices at our home/office interference in the Wifi Network. These devices include a WiFi Router, Microwave Oven, Bluetooth devices, etc.

The reason why this device creates interference is all these devices works on a single Wireless Frequency of 2.4 GHz. And when any of these comes in between the WiFi Router and our Phone WiFi it creates a Network interference and our WiFi Internet does not work properly.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Either Remove those Interfering devices
  • Use different wifi channels

Removing those devices from our daily use is not kind of possible solution but using a different wifi channel is!

You just need to download one Application on your Phone, test the unused WiFi channel in your area, and set your Router WiFi channel that’s it.

Test your WiFi Channel and Set the best one

3. Use Dual Band Router for Full Speed:

The New WiFi Routers are upgraded with new technology that is most preferred for Gaming purposes. These WiFi Routers are dual-band wifi routers, dual-band means they work on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies.

By using these dual-band routers we get these two benefits.

  • No Interference by other 2.4Ghz Devices
  • Get 100% Internet Speed on a 5Ghz Band

The Network range for the 5Ghz band is less but if you connect your Phone/Laptop to 5Ghz you get Internet Speed as good as the LAN Speed.

And if there is any device like a Microwave or another WiFi router in our home it will not interfere with our WiFi network of 5Ghz.

Note: Dual-band Wifi Routers are more costly than single-band routers but you can connect more devices and get High-speed Internet Speed on these dual-band Routers.

4. Check for Full Coverage Area:

Place your Wifi router where it can give maximum coverage in your house and workplace. If you are using any SIM router then give preference to the SIM network and then use a WiFi Repeater to get WiFi in your Home.

WiFi repeaters can create network interference with the main router if so you can maintain a safe distance between two routers and connect any router that gives a better range in your area.

Find out Blind Spot or a place where there is no WiFi Coverage and place the WiFi Repeater close to the Blind Spot if you need the WiFi in that Blind Spot.

5. Choose a Good Service Provider:

If you have multiple choices for choosing the Internet Service provider then choose the good one even if they cost more.

Because if you choose the Internet Service provider only based on Prices then it might become a headache in future when you call them for any internet issue.

Also, check for reviews by customers in your area to get real feedback on the service provided by the Internet service providers in your area.


Increasing Internet Speed is always a challenge but if you want to download any file or Watch a Full HD Stream then a 50 MBPS Plan is just enough for you.

With the 50 MBPS plan, you can download any file at 5 MBPS Speed and can watch a 1080p HD Video Stream on 1 TV or 720p video Stream on 2 devices.

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