JioNet Wifi Login – How to Start using Jio Wifi?

Please Note that Jionet Wifi Login is different from JioFi Wifi Login. When we say JioNet Wifi it means the Public Jio Hotspot where users can connect and use high-speed LTE Internet.

Whereas JioFi Wifi is a modem device that users purchase add a Jio sim and then use it anywhere as per their need.

What is JioNet Wifi?

JioNet Wifi or JioPrivateNet is a Public Hotspot service by Jio telecom that helps users to stay connected when their phone is getting a low signal from Jio Towers.

When you connect with JioNet Wifi Free Service it will ask you for a number and OTP that can give you free 100MB to 1 GB Net.

But when you connect with JioPrivateNet Wifi it will need a Jio4G sim on your Phone and whatever data you use will be deducted from your Sim Plan Data Balance.

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Easy Guide for JioNet Wifi Login:

First Find out a public place where Jionet Public Wifi is available, (eg. Colleges/ Bus Stop/ Railway stations/ Airports).

  • Turn on your Mobile Wifi and Search for JioNet@Placename (Placename can be Bus stop/Airport name)
  • Now click on the Wifi Name to Connect it will get connected without a Password.
  • Now when you open a Browser it will show one Login Page.
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Get OTP then enter the OTP to log in.

As you get Connected to JioNet Wifi and Logged in to the Wifi it will show you Data and Time Limit to use the JioNet Free Data.

Guide to Connect with JioPrivateNet Wifi:

When you find the JioNet@placename Wifi, you will also see another wifi with JioPrivateNet that is password protected.

To connect JioPrivatenet with your phone you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open Wifi and Click on the JioPrivateNet wifi Name
  • Then do not enter the Password just click on Advanced Option
  • Now change the EAP Method to AKA
  • now click on the Connect Button and Wifi will get connected

Please Note the Following Things:

  1. To connect with JioPrivateNet you must have a Jio Sim on your Phone.
  2. Whatever data you will use on JioPrivatenet it will get deducted from your Sim Data balance.

How to Connect Jionet Wifi on PC/Laptop?

The JioNet Wifi is free to use for any device, you can simply use your Laptop to search and connect to JioNet Wifi.

Then it will show you a Login Page, just enter your Mobile Number and OTP and Start using the Jionet wifi for free.

To Connect JioPrivateNet on your Laptop, first, connect your phone to your laptop with Cable.

  • Then turn on the USB Tethering on your Phone
  • Then Turn on your Phone Wifi and connect it with JioPrivatenet
  • Now check your Laptop will show LAN Connected
  • Enjoy JioPrivatenet on your Laptop

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