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Message Center Number (SMSC) for All Sim 2022

Today I will share some tech stuff about Message Center Number SMSC for All Sim operators that is Airtel, Jio, BSNL, Vi, etc.

An SMSC Number or Message Center Number is a Necessary Element in any Sim that helps you to send an SMS from your Mobile to others.

SMSC Number helps to route your SMS from your Sim to the Operater exchange then to the Receiver. If in case the SMSC Number is expired or changed by you then you can not send any SMS to anybody.

List of Message Center Number for All Sim 2022:

Before I share how you can use these Message Center Numbers on your Android/iOS Mobile let me share those numbers for all sim operators.

Sim OperatorSMSC Number
Most Common SMSC Number for All Sim Operators.

The above table shows you the most common Message Center Number used by each Sim Operator in India. All SMSC numbers are recently updated and up to date in 2022.

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There are some different SMSC numbers that change as per the State Changes. First, use the numbers given in the table above if not worked use the numbers divided by the States of India.

Message Center Number for All Operators

How to Find the Message Center for Your Sim and State?

  • For Mobile Users: In your Mobile Browser click on the More Option and click on Find in Page and Type your State name and check the SMSC Number next to it.
  • For PC Users: Simply use Ctrl+F Buttons and then search for your State Name and then pick the SMSC number next to it.

State Wise Message Center Number for Airtel

All StatesAirtel SMSC Numbers
Andhra Pradesh+91 9849087001
Arunachal PradeshComing Soon
Assam+91 98180230015
Bihar+91 9831029416
Chattisgarh +91 9845086020
Delhi +91 98100-51914
Goa Coming Soon
Gujarat +91 9831029416
Haryana +91 9896051914
Himachal Pradesh Coming Soon
Jammu & Kashmir +91 845086007
Jharkhand +91 9845086020
Karnataka +91 9845086007
Kerala +91 9810051905
Madhya Pradesh +91 9845086020
Maharashtra +91 9898051916
Mumbai +91 9898051916
Kolkata +91 9845086007
Odisha +91 98180230015
Punjab +91 9815051914
Rajasthan +91 9898051914
Telangana +91 9849087001
Tamil Nadu +91 9898051914
West Bengal +91 9932029007
UP East+91 7017075009
 UP West+91 7017075009

State Wise Message Center Number for BSNL:

All StatesBSNL SMSC Numbers
Andhra Pradesh+919440024365
Madhya Pradesh+919425124365
West Bengal+919434024365
Himachal Pradesh+919418024365
Jammu and Kashmir+919419024365

State Wise Message Center Number for Jio:

All StatesJio SMSC Numbers
Andhra Pradesh+919885005444
North East+917012075009
Madhya Pradesh+917010075009
West Bengal+917010075009
Jammu and Kashmir+917010075009

State Wise Message Center Number for Vi (Vodafone-idea):

All StatesVi SMSC Numbers
Karnataka +919886005444
Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
Mumbai +919820205446
Gujarat +919825001002
Uttar Pradesh +919719009998
Uttar Pradesh East+919839099999
North East+919774099990
Madhya Pradesh+919713099990
Kolkata +919830099990
Assam +919706099990
Orissa +919776099990
West Bengal+919732099990
Haryana +919839099999
Himachal Pradesh+919736009911
Delhi +919811009998

How to Change the SMSC Number in Android 11?

Changing the Message Center number for any Sim card is the same for All Android Mobile Phones for eg. Mi, Oppo Mobile, Oneplus, etc.

You need to follow the process step by step as given below and change your SMSC Number in Android 11.

  • First, go to Message App (default app in Android)
  • Click on More Option (3 dots on right top)
  • Then Go to Settings
  • Click on SMS Center Number Option.
  • Now enter the SMSC Number that suits your Sim and State.
  • Now Click on the Save Button.
  • Now Close all recent Apps and try to send any SMS.

This Trick works on all Android devices but due to some change or update in the SMS center number by your Telecom operator, the SMSC numbers shared here may not work.

If this happens please feel free to comment and let us know that particular SMSC number is not valid.

How to Change the SMSC Number Using USSD Code?

Now due to complicated UI, you might not find the SMS Center Number option to Change on your mobile phone. Then you can simply use the USSD Code that directly takes you to the SMSC number settings in Any Android device.


Change Message Center Number in Android 11

Please do not try this USSD number if you don’t need to change the SMS Center Number for your Sim.

  • Open the Phone Dialer App and Enter *#*#4636#*#* this Code.
  • No need to press the Dial Button if you enter the right code.
  • Then you will see the SMS Center option on your phone.
  • Copy the SMSC Number that suits, your Sim operator and State.
  • Now Save the setting and try to send any SMS.

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