How To Port Airtel To Jio Sim Online – Get 56 Days Free Offer!!

If you are thinking of porting your Airtel sim card to the Jio network then you have reached the exact page. Here we have listed the simplest steps from Port Airtel To Jio 4G Sim.

It could be data or network issues or any other reason for Port Airtel To Jio Sim. There are different ways you can use for porting. You can choose any of the following methods.

How To Port Airtel To Jio by Sending an SMS

Read the following steps carefully and follow them to successfully transfer your Airtel number to Jio Services.

  1. First, you will need to send the PORT SMS to the number 1900.
  2. Send an SMS as “PORT<your Mobile number>” to 1900
  3. You will receive one SMS with a UPC code (i.e. unique porting code) and its expiry date.
  4. Now seek the nearest Jio Store or Jio Retailer
  5. Take this UPC code SMS, one address proof (aadhar card), and 2 passport size photos with you.
  6. Show the UPC code and address proof to the retailer and ask him to place the MNP request.
  7. If you have Airtel postpaid service you have to settle down all the due payments.
  8. Once the request has been placed successfully you will get your number ported to the Jio network within the next 7 days.
Port SMS Example

This is the most popular method used to Port any Sim to Jio 4G Sim, But sometimes the SMS method doesn’t for many people.

How You Can Port Airtel Sim To Jio Without Sending an SMS?

There could be the following reasons if you are not able to send porting SMS through your airtel sim card.

  • If your current Airtel pack has been expired
  • If airtel has blocked your SMS services because of its nonusage
  • If you have an unlimited pack but don’t have money in your account. You will need to have some money amount to send SMS to the specific numbers.

Here is the solution, if you couldn’t send porting SMS from your airtel sim card, Call an airtel customer care and ask them to unlock your SMS service.

You may need to recharge with a valid plan. Once your SMS service is unlocked send the porting SMS and follow the above steps.

Port Airtel to Jio 4G and Get Offers

Port Your Airtel Simcard To Jio Online

Now you can also Port Airtel To Jio Sim online without stepping out of your house. Follow the few simple steps given below to port your Simcard easily by sitting in your comfortable place at home.

  1. Install MyJio App From the Playstore
  2. Open the application, you will see the option “Not a Jio User?” at the bottom. Click on it.
  3. Now you will see 2 options, “Get Jio Sim” and “Port In Jio Sim”
  4. Click on the “Port In Jio Sim” option
  5. Now you will have to fill the information in three sections
  6. First, verify your mobile number by generating OTP for that number
  7. Second, select the existing number and then choose the sim card is prepaid or postpaid
  8. Choose any Jio plan that fits into your requirement
  9. Enter your address and confirm the location
  10. You can choose the delivery option between “doorstep” or “store pickup”
  11. You can also select the date and time as per your convenience for delivery.

Get 56 Days Free Port to Jio Offer!!

To check the latest offer you can visit your nearest Jio store or a retailer. Also, visit different visitors at your place so you could get benefits of the current best offer.

At my nearest Jio shop, they are offering 56 days of unlimited plan offer. You can also check and ask for the same offer.

How To Port Airtel To Jio Postpaid?

For porting your airtel sim card to Jio postpaid you have to seek the nearest Jio store or a service guy and ask him to convert your ported sim card to a postpaid one.

Currently, Jio has not provided any online facility to convert your Simcard into a postpaid service. Sp needs to step out for this process.

I hope the above information will help you to Port Airtel To Jio Sim. If you face any queries doing the complete process, please feel to ask in the comment section.

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