How to Port Jio to BSNL? 5G Offers 2022

If you want to Port Jio to BSNL Network then at the present time this might be a mistake. Because Jio is looking forward to its 5G network BSNL is now expanding from 3G to 4G.

Another reason is that BSNL is still a loss-making company and the management decisions are not that impressive so customers can get confidence to sustain with BSNL.

One more thing is this Private player such as Airtel, and Jio is attracting Fixed Broadband customers and BSNL is losing its customer whereas the Fixed line was the strongest point of BSNL.

But still, if you want to port your Jio Sim to the BSNL Network Here are some easy methods.

  1. Self-port by Sending SMS
  2. Porting via a BSNL Agent

Tip: You can buy a VIP Number from BSNL such as 8507000000 and port that number to Jio or Airtel for better service.

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How to Port Jio to BSNL With Single SMS?

Whenever you want to port to any other telecom company you need to send one SMS and obtain the Portability Code.

Note: Please check your Current balance and validity before you port Jio to BSNL because no benefits or Balance will be transferred with Porting.

How to Port Jio to BSNL 4G, 5G Sim

Step 1: First Type one SMS PORT <Space> Your Mobile Number for eg. PORT 7596421578

Step 2: Then Enter this Number 1900 to Send your SMS [sms charges applied ₹2]

Step 3: Then You will receive a UPC Unique Portability Code “do not share that code”

image 1

Step 4: Then Visit the BSNL Office with your UPC code and Adhar card, follow the verification procedure and get your new Sim that will be activated in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Alternative Method to Port Jio to BSNL Network:

Local Sales boy plays a very important role in this Alternative Method to Port from Jio to BSNL. These Sales guys have their target with some Offers such as an Offer on Porting Jio to BSNL Unlimited Data/Calling till 28 Days.

Follow these Steps to Get the Porting to BSNL Offer:

  • First, find a Sales boy that provides BSNL Portability Offer suitable for you.
  • You can find them on High dense streets corner.
  • Bring your Adhar and Sim to confirm your Porting service.
  • Then Send Port <Space> Your Number SMS to 1900 and show the UPC code you have received to the sales guy
  • Follow the Verification process and Obtain your BSNL Sim that will get activated in the next 24 to 48 hours.


Porting from one network to another is easy nowadays, but once you port you can not port immediately to another company until the next 90 days. You can learn more about how to port to BSNL on the official website.

So think before you port from Jio to BSNL or Port Airtel to BSNL or from any company to any other.

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