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What is MAC Cloning? How to Clone/Change Mac Address?

What is Mac Cloning? The Mac Cloning is a process of changing the MAC address of your Wifi Router copied from your PC or any other Wifi Router.

What is Mac Address? media access control address (MAC address) is a unique address given to a device that is essential in network Communication or the Internet.

When MAC Cloning is Used?

There are several reasons where you can use MAC Cloning but I will share your most popular 2 reason where Mac Cloning is most used.

Reason 1: Suppose you have purchased an Internet Connection at your Home. But the Internet Service Provider set up your PC/Laptop as the primary device and registered its Mac address in their servers.

Now if you buy a new Wifi Router and want to connect the Internet cable with the router and then use the Internet then your internet may not work as you have given your PC/Laptop Mac Address.

So here you can clone the PC/Laptop Mac address and use the Internet with your New Wifi Router.

Reason 2: Suppose you were using your neighbor’s Wi-Fi and anyhow he blocked your wifi router’s MAC Address.

Now what you can do is clone your PC/Laptop Mac Address or change the Mac Address manually.

This will unblock your Wifi router from your neighbor’s wifi and you can access the wifi again.

How to Clone or Change the MAC Address:

This Mac cloning feature is the same in most of the popular Wi-Fi Routers like TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, etc. (Sometimes Your Router may ask you to Enable the MAC Cloning option)

You can follow this 3 step method and do the Mac Cloning of your Wifi Router.

Step 1: Log in to the Admin Panel of Your Router

Step 2: Go to Network Settings and check for Mac Cloning

Step 3: Enter the Mac Address or just Click on the Clone option and click save.

Here if your router does not work after this Mac Cloning you can use the restore Mac address button and bring the default Mac address back.

Watch this video for a More easy explanation: