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Your Call Cannot be Completed at This Time Why??

Have you ever faced a Call Drop issue in the last few days? Error as Your Call Cannot be completed at this time! Then you must read the reason behind that and also the solution how to solve this issue with your Sim.

As technology is evolving and becoming affordable for every human being the consumption and traffic load to the Communication sector is increasing day by day.

Due to this overloading of users often we face network failures like Call Disconnect, Network Busy, Delay in Call connection, etc.

The telecom company is already tracking this issue but sometimes they take it for granted because of no complaints from the users like us.

What to do when you face the “Your Call cannot be completed at this time” Error?

Nothing to do just dial your customer care number and register a network connection complaint to your telecom company. Ask your friends to do the same from the same area to make sure the company will take action.

From your Side, you can Restart your Phone or Test Airplane Mode ON/OFF and call again. Also, Know the Peak time usage of your area and avoid using calling in that time and you will not face this error.

What is Your Call cannot be completed at this time ERROR?

The Call can not be completed error occurs when the Network Provider of the receiver or your Sim is facing a huge load on Calls. This issue is majorly found when there is a peak time of calls are taking place.

Solution for sudden call drop while talking

For example, the time 9 AM to 11 AM may be the peak time because everybody is in rush to get to the office and the Day for any normal person just begins here.

Another Peak time is 8 PM to 11 PM that’s when everyone is getting fresh from work and wants to chill on calls talking to their loved ones.

Solution over this Error:

Enough discussion is done over the issue now let’s have discussed the solution and get rid of this “Your Call Cannot be completed at this time” ERROR.

Why Does This Error Occur?

  • Due to Network Conjection
  • Technical Repair or Maintenance
  • Poor Coverage in Your or the Receiver Area.

The Solution:

  1. If you are at a random place and can’t find the signal you can try any place with no walls and at the high or flat level and then call. Ask to do the same to the receiver if they are facing Poor Coverage.
  2. You can call customer care and report issues that you are facing this issue.
  3. The Network connection is also known as the Huge Network Load on the Sim Network. This can be on your side or either the receiver’s side.

This topic can not be extended further this is how you can solve your Call Disconnected issue.

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