BSNL Customer Care No. 📞 1800 345 1500 Toll-Free

Hello, Welcome to the BSNL Customer Care no. 1800 345 1500. You can Register complaints in 3 ways, please check what kind of service you are using and then select the method to contact BSNL Care or the Complaint Helpline.

BSNL Care HelpToll-Free Number
BSNL Customer Care Number for Landline1800-345-1500
BSNL Care Number for Mobile 1800-345-1503
BSNL Customer Care Number for Broadband1800-345-1504
For BSNL WLL Complaint1800-180-1502
For BSNL MPLS-VPN Complaint1800-425-1957

Dial 198 = BSNL Care Number for Mobile

BSNL is one of the largest telecom companies that are also popular for landline services throughout all the states of India. Being a BSNL Customer you can get a new service without any deposit money, some service includes Fiber Broadband, DSL Broadband, BSNL 4G/5G Sim, BSNL Wifi Broadband, and much more.

As A part of communication for any Indian Company, there is no trustworthy company other than BSNL for Landline and Broadband Sevices for Business. And in case you get some issues feel free to contact BSNL by using the toll-free numbers given below.

Notice: Please have patience your complaint will be solved as soon as possible. If possible contact your Local BSNL Office to resolve your complaint immediately. You can write your complaint on paper and keep a copy with you if still facing issues contact BSNL in the following ways.

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List of BSNL Customer Care Toll-Free Numbers:

Here are some Toll-Free Numbers of Customer Care of BSNL for each BSNL Service you want to register a complaint with. Dial the specific number and register your BSNL complaint.

BSNL Care Number State Wise:

Use the Following Contact information to register a complaint to the nearest BSNL office in your State Region. I will share the telephone number with state wise category.

BSNL Customer Care Number Andaman & Nicobar
03192-233800[email protected]03192 233660
BSNL Customer Care Number Andhra Pradesh
08662444165[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Care Number Assam
03612736394[email protected]03612736395
BSNL Customer Care Number Bihar
06122239938[email protected]06122221681
BSNL Care Number Chhattisgarh
07712229300[email protected]07712228300
BSNL Care Number Chennai
04426411300[email protected]04426426888
BSNL Care Number Gujarat
07926481366[email protected]07926481416
BSNL Customer Care Number Himachal Pradesh
01772620440[email protected]01772628881
BSNL Care Number Calcutta
03322438000[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Customer Care Number Haryana
01712602700[email protected]01712603155
BSNL Care Number Jharkhand
06512208800[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Customer Care Number Jammu & Kashmir
01912477222[email protected]01912477255
BSNL Customer Care Number Kerala
04712306600[email protected]  04712305922
BSNL Customer Care Number Karnataka
08025362244[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Care Number Maharashtra
02226600389[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Customer Care Number Madhya Pradesh
07552570700[email protected]07552572424
BSNL Customer Care Number Odisha
06742535399[email protected]06742534545
BSNL Care Number Punjab
01722604747[email protected]01722664100
BSNL Customer Care Number Rajasthan
01412365050[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Care Number Tamil Nadu
04428293914[email protected]04428293915
BSNL Customer Care Number UP East
05222621200[email protected]05222230300
BSNL Customer Care Number UP West
01212600786[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Care Number West Bengal
03322483635[email protected]Not Available
BSNL Customer Care Number Telangana
04023201212[email protected]Not Available

The toll-Free BSNL Complaint Number is 1800 345 1500:

If your Phone/Landline/Broadband is Dead Please use any other Mobile device and call on Customer Care of BSNL Number:- 1800-345-1500

If you know the BSNL Selfcare Portal then you can use this Portal to register your Complaint on Fast Track. This is an Advance feature by BSNL and you can register any complaint shown in the image below.

Online Complaint using BSNL Selfcare Portal

Need any Application form for New Connection you can download all BSNL Forms using the button below. (eg. New Landline/New Broadband)

Need a New BSNL Connection but don’t want to go to BSNL Office. Then Apply Online. Use the button is given below to Apply online (eg. New Landline/New Broadband)

Complaint MTNL – Online – Or Dial – 1800 22 1500 Toll-Free:

There are multiple ways to register a complaint for failure in service of your MTNL connection. You can register the complaint by calling or SMS otherwise just visit the online portal and add one complaint.

Complaint MTNL Online:

Here are three different links to register a complaint against your Landline/Broadband, Mobile, or Leased Circuit of MTNL connection.

Type of ConnectionComplaint Here
Landline/Broadband/FTTHClick here
Mobile ServicesClick here
Leased CircuitClick here
Register MTNL Complaint on Call: Toll-Free

There are three different ways to connect with your MTNL Customer care, Choose which one suits you better and register your MTNL complaint.

Type of ComplaintIVRS Number to Dial
Via MTNL Landline NumberDial – XXXX 2198
Via Mobile NumberDial – 022 XXXX 2198
* Kindly note, XXXX is the first 4 digits of the customer’s MTNL landline number. (e.g. 2431 2198)

With this IVRS or Interactive Voice Response Service, you will get robotic assistance and you can follow the voice guide to register a complaint from your MTNL Landline or Mobile.

If your complaint is not registered via IVRS you can use any number given below to call the MTNL Call Center and Register your complaint.

Type of ComplaintCall Center Number
Common Service Number (Landline/Broadband/Mobile)1130 / 1800 22 1130
Landline1500 / 2222 1500 / 1800 22 1500
Broadband1504 / 1800 22 8844
FTTH1130 / 1800 22 1130
Mobile1503 / 2222 1503 / 9869 012345
IN Services1800 22 1500

If your MTNL Connection is OK in service and you need general assistance then you can use the following number to get the general guide and your MTNL Landline or Broadband Unpaid bills due on you.

Type of AssistanceHelpline Number
Public Grievance Service1509
Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount1130 / 1800 22 1130
Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount through SMSSend SMS Bill < Landline No > to 51001
Complaint MTNL from SMS:

By using the MTNL SMS Complaint service you just need to send the correct command SMS on 9969108108 this number and your complaint will get resolved within few days.

Type of complaint/inquirySMS Text
Landline Bill EnquiryBILL XXXXXXXX
Type of complaint/enquiryLLCOM XXXXXXXX
Landline Complaint TrackingLLFTR XXXXXXXX
Broadband Complaint BookingBBCOM XXXXXXXX
Broadband Complaint TrackingBBFTR XXXXXXXX
Leased Circuit Complaint Booking *LCCOM XXXXXXXXXX
1) XXXXXXXX is your Landline / Broadband / FTTH number.
2) *For Leased Circuit XXXXXXXXXX is 10 digit LCID number.