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Hello, Welcome to Customer Care of BSNL. You can Register complaints in 3 ways, please check what kind of service you are using and then select the method to contact BSNL Customer Care or Complaint Helpline.

BSNL is one of the largest telecom companies that are also popular for landline services throughout all the states of India. Being a BSNL Customer you can get a new service without any deposit money, some service includes Fiber Broadband, DSL Broadband, BSNL 4G/5G Sim, BSNL Wifi Broadband, and much more.

As A part of communication for any Indian Company, there is no trustworthy company other than BSNL for Landline and Broadband Sevices for Business. And in case you get some issues feel free to contact BSNL by using the toll-free numbers given below.

Notice: Please have patience your complaint will be solved as soon as possible. If possible contact your Local BSNL Office to resolve your complaint immediately. You can write your complaint on paper and keep a copy with you if still facing issues contact BSNL in the following ways.

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Toll-Free Number for Customer Care of BSNL and Online Portal:

If your Phone/Landline/Broadband is Dead Please use any other Mobile device and call on Customer Care of BSNL Number:- 1800-345-1500

If you know the BSNL Selfcare Portal then you can use this Portal to register your Complaint on Fast Track. This is an Advance feature by BSNL and you can register any complaint shown in the image below.

Online Complaint using BSNL Selfcare Portal

Some More Toll-Free BSNL Direct Customer Care Numbers:

Here are some Toll-Free Numbers of Customer Care of BSNL for each BSNL Service you want to register a complaint with. Dial on the specific number and register your BSNL complaint.

For BSNL Landline Complaint

Landline Call Center Number ‘1500’ Number:- 1800-345-1500

For BSNL Mobile Complaint

BSNL Mobile all India Helpline Number:- 1800-345-1503

For BSNL Broadband Complaint

BSNL Broadband Helpline Number ‘1504’ Number :- 1800-345-1504

For BSNL WLL Complaint

WLL/WiMax Call Center
Number ‘1502’
Number ‘1800-180-1502

For BSNL MPLS-VPN Complaint

Number ‘1800-425-1957

Need any Application form for New Connection you can download all BSNL Forms using the button below. (eg. New Landline/New Broadband)

Need a New BSNL Connection but don’t want to go to BSNL Office. Then Apply Online. Use the button is given below to Apply online (eg. New Landline/New Broadband)

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