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Login to Your Admin Page using is a Default IP address used by Some Wi-Fi Routers like 2Wire, Pix-Link, Motorola, Netgear, TP-Link, Tecon, etc.

You can click on the button below to visit the IP address and Log in with your ID Password.

Warning: If You are using the 192.168.l.254 address then what you are choosing is wrong. There is no alphabet in the address, all are numbers. Enter

In Words: one nine two [dot] one six eight [dot] One [dot] Two Five Four

If you are looking for help with the default IP address click on the button below.

How Can I Find My IP Address is

Yes, Each Router has its own Default Login IP address is also called the Gateway IP address. You will find the Gateway IP address at the Backside of your Router.

Here are some ways to find your Default Loin IP Address:

  • Check Router Backside
  • Check IP address on PC

As I said above you can check Your Router Backside to know the Default IP address used by Your Router Company. But in case you cant check it or have changed and forgotten the new IP follow the PC Method.

How to Check IP address Using PC?

Here if you are using Windows PC or Mac PC or Linux PC it does not matter, you just have to follow the right procedure to find the IP address using Your PC.

Check Router IP on Windows PC:

First Open the Command Prompt on your PC and then type ipconfig and hit the Enter Button. Then Find the Default Gateway in the Command Prompt. The IP address shown after the Default Gateway is your Router Login IP.

Check Router IP on mac PC:

First Go to the Network Setting then Select the Network You’re using Go to the Network Property and Click on the Advanced Option and then Choose the TCP/IP tab there you will see Router: which’s your Router Admin Login IP.

Check Router IP on Linux PC:

First Open the Terminal on your PC, then type ipconfig and hit the Enter Button. Then look for inet addr and the IP address net to this is your Router Admin Login IP address.

Router Names and the Setup Guide are Here:

Here are some most popular Routers and their setup guide links given below. If you are facing any issues you can just visit the setup guide and solve your wifi issue

How do I change my password?

There are a few steps to change the Default Username and Password of Your Admin Page with the IP Address.

Step 1: Log in to Your Admin Page first.

Step 2: Then Go to Admin Setting and Click on Password.

Step 3: Now Enter the Old Password and below that Enter the new Password.

Please Note: If you See the Password Recovery Option please enable it – so in the future if you forget your password you will get a hint to Remember it.

This can save your WiFi Connection and some Device Data connected to your Wifi Network. If You make the Admin Password Secure then No one else can log in to the Admin Page to do any Changes.

Correct Vs Wrong IP address:

Sometimes you know the Router IP address but you misunderstood the numbers with an alphabet. The most common mistake is to assume the Number ‘1’ is the Letter ‘L’ and the second is Number ‘0’ is the Letter ‘O’.

Please Note: IP address does not contain any Alphabet, it is made of only Numbers.

How to Login to IP Address?

As of now, you know your IP address ends with 1.254 let’s start the Loggin in Process that has only 3 steps.

Step 1: Make Sure you are connected to the Router With Your PC/Laptop

Step 2: Then Visit and wait for the Login Page to Load.

Step 3: Now Enter the Username and password and click on the Login button. (Tip: The default username and password are printed on the Router Backside)

In Case You don’t know the username and password of your Router here are some default Passwords you can try.

User NamePassword
admin[email protected]
admin[email protected]

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