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Most of the Router Like D-Link, OptiLink, Intracom, MediaLink, etc. Uses as the default gateway address to log in to the Admin Page of the Router.

You can click on the button below to visit the IP address and Log in with your ID Password.

Warning: If You are using the 192.168.l0.l address then what you are choosing is wrong. There is no alphabet in the address, all are numbers. Enter

In Words: one nine two [dot] one six eight [dot] One Zero [dot] One

If you are looking for help with the default IP address click on the button below.

How Know Correct or Not?

Yes, confusion for a new user is obvious. To know the basic rule of IP address is, to remember that IP Address does not contain any Alphabet they are made of Numbers only.

For Example, You might see that 192.168.l0.l is correct but the last 3 digits contain 2 alphabets The Small Letter ‘L’ Here is the Right IP address, Only Numbers.

How to Login using IP Address?

Let’s get started with the Router Admin Login Process with IP Address.

Step 1: Connect The Router with Your PC using Wifi or Lan Connection.

Step 2: Now Visit IP address and wait for Login Page to Load.

Step 3: Then Enter the Username and Password and click on the Login Button.

TIP: You will get the Default Username and Password of Your Router at the Backside. If you cant check that you will have to reset the Router.

Recover Your Username and Password:

This may happen with you that you have not operated the Admin Page for your Router with IP or other IP address and forgot the Default Login IP with Username and Password.

But don’t worry we can Find or Recover the Default IP and Username with Password for your Router Admin Page.

Here are some Default Username and Password that you can try:

admin[email protected]
admin[email protected]

Check the Backside of Your Router:

All Wi-Fi Routers come with some default information with a sticker on the backside. You will find the Default Gateway or Login IP, along with the Username and Password at the Backside of your Router.

Factory Reset Your Router:

If the IP Address or Username and Password at the backside of your router is not matching or showing an error, it’s time to RESET Your Router.

Step 1: Long press the Reset/WPS Button of your Router for 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 2: Your Router will Restart and it will take 2 minutes to wait for it.

Step 3: Now Enter the Default IP and use the Default Password with Username to Login to the Default Admin Page.

Warning: This Process will Reset Every Setting in your Router, So you will have to set up the WAN/Internet connection and LAN/Wifi Connection once again.

How do I change my password?

There are a few steps to change the Default Username and Password of Your Admin Page with IP Address.

Step 1: Log in to Your Admin Page first.

Step 2: Then Go to Admin Setting and Click on Password.

Step 3: Now Enter the Old Password and below that Enter the new Password.

Please Note: If you See the Password Recovery Option please enable it – so in the future if you forget your password you will get a hint to Remember it.

I would not suggest doing it if you are not using your Router at Office. The reason why people do this is for security, the Public Username and Password is not OK, and anyone can disturb your Wifi.

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