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BSNL Number Check Code 2021 – Know your BSNL Number in 10 seconds

Sometimes we purchase a new Sim/Broadband and forgot the number it’s normal. You can know your BSNL Number by BSNL Number Check Code and other methods.

If you are using a BSNL sim as secondary use it is normal that you may forget the mobile number. Sometimes you may forget your Broadband number if you haven’t saved in it your Phone.

Today in this article I will help you around with some tricks that can help you to find out your BSNL Mobile Number using BSNL Number Check Code and to find the BSNL Broadband/Landline Number too.

BSNL Number Check Code:

Whenever I say BSNL Number check code I mean the USSD Code. you might have used this *121# code for balance check this code is also known as USSD Code.

UseUSSD Code
BSNL Number Check Code*222#

There are more USSD Codes other than the above code to check your BSNL Mobile Number. check the list below.

  • *1#
  • *2#
  • *222#
  • *555#
  • *888#
  • *785#

Find Number using BSNL Number Check Code:

use the step-by-step guide given below that will help you how you can use the BSNL Number Check Code *222#.

Step 1: First Open your Phone Dialer App

Step 2: Enter the USSD Code *222#

Step 3: Then Press the Call Button with BSNL Sim.

Then you will see one pop up message like this “Dear Subscriber Your Mobile Number is __________” the Blank space is your BSNL number.

BSNL Number Check Code 2021

You know this is the Easiest and Fastest method to check your BSNL Mobile Number.

If you want to check your BSNL Landline/Broadband Number or you want to know more tricks for BSNL Number Check then read more below.

Check BSNL Mobile/Landline Number with My BSNL App:

The My BSNL App can be found on Google Play Store and is mostly used for Tracking BSNL Balance and Paying Bills.

Very easy to see your BSNL Landline/Mobile/Broadband Mobile using My BSNL App and track your bills, and do recharge online.

Step 1: First you need to download the My BSNL App on your Phone.

Step 2: Then Sign up and You will see Add Account option in the Bottom Menu.

Step 3: You can add your BSNL Mobile, Landline, Broadband account to it

Step 4: You will see each account on a slider on the App Screen there you can check your BSNL Number, Track your Usage, View Bills, Pay Bills, and do Recharges.

Check BSNL Number using My BSNL App

Check BSNL Mobile/Landline Number using BSNL Selfcare Portal:

BSNL Selfcare Portal is a multipurpose website where BSNL users can sign up and add any BSNL Connection to track Usage, Pay Bills and Raise Complaints.

Follow the steps given below to use BSNL Selfcare Portal for Checking your BSNL Number.

  • You need to visit and create your account or Login.
  • Then Add your BSNL Mobile/Landline/Broadband Account.
  • In future if you forget your number you can sign in again and check your BSNL Number from BSNL selfcare portal.
  • Also you can track your bills, and raise any complaint online.

Check BSNL Mobile/Landline Number by Calling Customer Care:

Yes! it seems odd but you can call your BSNL Customer care and ask them the number you have called from.

Rather you use this trick I would say go with the next trick I have shared below. Sometimes Customer Care guy may not tell you from what number you are calling.

Check BSNL Mobile/Landline Number by Calling a Friend:

If you have a dialing validity on your BSNL Sim and some balance just call your friend and you check your number on his/her phone.

You can use your family member’s phone here to call and check your BSNL Number so that you can know your number.

Tip: Note down, Save to Contact or Learn your Mobile number but please do not forget your Mobile number from now.

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