Answer to Legal Notice from BSNL for Unpaid Bills

If you searched for Legal Notice From BSNL and now are reading this article that means you are facing the same issue that you may be totally unaware of.

But it’s true, I got a similar Legal Notice from BSNL for those bills I have not used. And when I visited the BSNL Office I noticed they sent a similar notice to the Local Government office too.

The Due Amount is not so much I can pay but the thing is, due to the bad service of BSNL I wrote an application to close my Broadband connection but the connection was closed 4 months later my application was given.

And the BSNL officer is not saying that I have to pay the 4 Months Bill plus extra charges even after deducting the Fixed deposit.

Precaution to Avoid Legal Notice from BSNL:

Follow these practices that I have learned from my personal experience. Be clear if you are using any BSNL Postpaid service be gentle and pay the bills on time.

For others who do not want to get in trouble following things:

  • Do not over-due your Bills keep eye on them.
  • If you are Giving any Application to close the service get a receipt back and save it.
  • You have to keep all proofs even after submitting the application.

I am saying this all because BSNL Can send you to notice in 2023 for not paying bills for your past connection that you were using in 2008.

Got Notice Now What? How to Face?

If you are already in this situation where you got a legal notice from Lok Adalat, then don’t worry I have two solutions for this choose the right way for you and take action.

  1. Visit BSNL Office before the date of Lok Adalat and Pay the remaining bill without any penalty or court fines.
  2. Visit the Lok Adalat on the date of the hearing and state your point of view.

Method 1: Visit the BSNL Office

If you think you have used the service and it’s your mistake that you forgot to pay the bills on time and you did not apply to discontinue your connection, then pay the bill to the BSNL office before the Court Date.

You can visit the local BSNL office and ask them for the total bill due, the officer will take your landline number and show you the amount to pay.

Please Note: The Amount you will pay here will not include any court fine or charges.

Method 2: Visit the Lok Adalat

If you think you did your work and paid all the bills on time and this notice should not be given to you then use this method.

Be Present on the date of the hearing at the Lok Adalat office usually, it is on the same premises of your District court.

Bring All supporting documents with you for eg. an Application to close your BSNL Service, Any other Proof that will show you were not using the service.

Be gentle at the court and present all your points peacefully argue properly and state how you are not eligible to pay the remaining bill for BSNL dues.


I would have chosen method 1 and avoided visiting the court and wasting my time. But I chose Method 2 and I Visited the court and presented my argument along with the photo of my application.

The Results are still pending let’s see what happens, Sometimes it’s better to fight against such things if you are not guilty do not accept it.

My Case Result: Updated on 1/6/2023

I won, Fortunately, the senior staff from my region understood the seriousness of my case and due to respecting the consumer forum, they verified my issue was right. And I got an email response with no due remaining from my side.

But wait, to get no dues from BSNL I have to file a case and it was time-consuming and frustrating. If you are choosing BSNL make sure you are ready to fight for your self in any case.

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