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10+ MMS Video of Indian Actress Gone Viral in 2021

More than 10 cases were found in 2021 of MMS Video going viral of some Popular Indian Actress and some Instagram stars.

And the reason behind spreading these MMS videos all over the globe is the Indian Fake News Media. Yes, there are some online websites that claim themselves as news website but for User attention and Traffic they can share anything.

I can not state their name directly but you will find most of them in the top search result when you search for MMS Video of Indian Actress, or MMS Video, or the latest Trisha Kar Madhu MMS.

Some of the Most Viral MMS in 2021:

Some of these were their private videos that were leaked by someone on social media and some P*rn sites. And some of these are Fake videos that are P*rn actresses that look like these Indian Actresses.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting any kind of Video, video source, Image, or any Pornographic content that may violate someone’s character and dignity. This post is published in faith to spread awareness towards we should not share such video content just because we like it.

(Think about those women present in that video and before sharing just imagine would you share that video if she was your sister)

Even though India is very concerned about women’s safety, I think we all should take care of it. And specially Women’s/Girls should not record or allow anybody to record their private moments.

Where are 10+ MMS videos of Indian Actress?

The great thing is Indian government has banned and google is also not showing such MMS websites in searches from the last decade.

But some Private Social Media platforms like Telegram, contribute a major stake in spreading MMS Videos and Pirated Movies easily.

Trisha Khan MMS Video News:

The Indian Actress Trisha Madhu MMS Video is still available on some illegal websites that are banned in India but most people use VPN apps to access them.

Warning: VPN Apps and these illegal websites are not safe to use, they can steal your Photos, and sensitive data so stop using them now.

Who is Trisha Kar Madhu?

Trisha Kar Madhu is a Bhojpuri Actress and social media star, she keeps updating her Social media handle like Instagram with stunning and beautiful photos.

But recently her private video called Trisha Madhu MMS Video went viral because of someone unknown and she is being criticized by her fans on social media.

Name Trisha Khan 
Nickname Trisha Kar Madhu 
InstagramFollow Here
Famous and popular for Bhojpuri film 
Date of birth 2 September 1994
Birthplace West Bengal
Profession Actress 

Trisha Khan also put her opinion on Twitter about what was the incident and how is she feeling after all this incident. And instead of supporting her for justice, her fans are blaming her for that video this is not humanity.

Trisha Madhu MMS Video News and Opinion

Download the Video Here !!

This is not cleared by Trisha that who recorded this video or published it on social media. She is just feeling humiliated as per her tweet and may she get justice for this act.

Same happened with Nisha Gurgain MMS Video:

A TikTok star named Nisha Gurgain MMS video was uploaded on Telegram and other social media. This was the same case as Trisha Kahn MMS Case.

But here Nisha claimed that the girl in the MMS video was not her, and due to her popularity and Fan base, some haters are spreading the Fake MMS Video with her name.

Reality of Actress MMS Videos Leaked online:

MMS video is not a bad term it is an abbreviation of Multi-Media Messaging Service. Just like the SMS in 2G world when Multimedia phones were launched these MMS messages were the innovation of sending a few seconds video via message.

But later evolution of Technology and the Internet a short Private video recorded was spread online and named as MMS video Extension and then this term went viral.

Now in 2022, the technology is super vast that if anybody wants to defame you then they can take your face and attach it to any video film they want.

Request: This is my humble request to all, please do not fall for Trisha Madhu MMS Video Download Link type of websites. They are either collecting your view or collecting your personal data.

Also, do not record your private videos, and if you see someone is sharing such stuff stop them or report them.

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