4G/5G Mobile Tower Installation – Earn Upto ₹50,000/Month

“Earn ₹90,000 Per month by 4G/5G Mobile Tower Installation by Jio, Airtel, Vi, and BSNL.” You might have seen such messages or Advertisements right?

But Let me tell you the truth, Mobile Tower Installation is not for everyone and is not an easy process. Even if someone calls you on your Phone or Whatsapp and assures you rent more than ₹50000 per month then it’s a fraud.

Because Mobile Tower installation is a very costly procedure for telecom companies. They first refer to the complaints by their customers about the coverage, then survey the area and contact a few people for the mobile tower installation.

When they finalize the area and the land for installing the mobile tower the rent per month will be categorized as follow:

  1. For Regular Area = ₹7000 to ₹12000
  2. For Urban Area = ₹10000 to ₹18000
  3. For Metro Cities = ₹15000 to ₹40,000

These Rent agreements are done for the next 15 to 20 years and do not expect more rent because all depends on the demand and necessity of that mobile company.

Warning: If you get any message on Whatsapp or call from someone to Fill out any Form and send money for any of the following reasons then 100% Fraud!!!

Nobody can ask you for Advance Money for the Mobile tower:

  1. There is No Security Deposite
  2. There is No GST Reason for Advance Payment
  3. There is no documentation of Fees in Advance
  4. There are Zero Registration Fees for Tower
  5. There is no such portal or Form to Apply for Mobile Tower Installation.

Process for Jio 4G/5G Mobile Tower Installation:

You can follow the steps below or watch the video to get the detailed process of Jio Mobile tower Installation.

Step 1: First Visit the Jio Partner Website Page – Click here

Step 2: Then Choose whether you have a Plot or a House to Install Tower.

Step 3: Then on Next Page enter your address and location on the map.

Step 4: Then It will ask for a Mobile number for OTP Verification

Step 5: Then on the Next Page it will confirm your Exact address and know about you if you are the property owner or any relative.

Step 6: Then on Next Page it will ask you for your building information like building type and Age.

Then Finally click on the Confirm Button and Jio will get back to you if needed.

Jio Tower Application Success

You Must Read the Disclaimer Shown in this Image Above.

BSNL Tower Installation Apply Online:

Please Note: There is No official BSNL website Portal such as Jio that takes the Application form for Tower Installation at your Plot.

  • You can not apply anywhere to get the Jio Mobile tower installed at your plot
  • Jio will survey and visit your place if they want to install any tower at your plot
  • Nobody will ask you for advance money for any reason if so report that person.
  • If your plot gets selected you will not get ₹50000 more than this per month.

Also Read:

Airtel Tower Installation Apply Online:

Note: Airtel does not provide any official website to submit Tower Installation requests such as Jio gives. So if you find any Application form please do not fill it out.

Warning: Airtel will not Ask for any Money in Advance for Mobile Tower Installation at your plot.

Disclaimer: Information shared in this article is not 100% accurate, we collected this data from the internet and some own research. Information shared here may vary from place to place, you can contact respective authorities to confirm.

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