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How to Get 8 Digit BSNL PUK Code?

BSNL Sim Blocked by Mistake? Don’t worry, just send one message and get your 8 Digit PUK Code 143***** within a minute.

PUK or Personal Unblocking Key is a unique 8-digit number that is designed by a telecom company to unblock any Sim card in case the user Sim is locked by mistake.

Sim Lock is a security setting that is provided in case of emergency to stop fraud. If you know how to use this Sim lock feature then you won’t be afraid of unlocking the Sim using Your PUK Code.

How to Unblock Sim using 8 Digit PUK Code?

Follow the Step by step guide to acquire your 8 Digit PUK Code for BSNL Sim and Unblock the Sim within a minute.

Required:- You will need your 15 Digit BSNL Sim Number given on the Sim card itself.

Step 1: First take any BSNL Sim card Phone and Open the Message on the Phone.

Step 2: Then Type PUK space 15 Digit Sim Number (Printed on your Blocked Sim)

Step 3: Then Send this SMS to 123 OR 53733 Number (May be Chargeable)

Step 4: Now you will receive one SMS with 8 Digit PUK Code note down that code.

Step 5: Now Switch on your Phone having the Blocked BSNL Sim and it will ask you for PUK Code

Also Check:


Enter the 8 Digit BSNL PUK Code correctly and hit the OK button. Then You will be asked to Enter Sim Pin then Enter a 4 Digit code and confirm the code again.

Warning: Remember the 4 Digit Code you entered as SIM Pin because you will need that code to turn OFF the Sim Lock.

Watch the Video Given Below to Get BSNL PUK Code by Calling Customer Care:

The PUK No can be obtained from help line (9415024365)

What is Sim Lock Pin? How to Turn it ON/OFF?

The Sim Lock Features is available in all Sim BSNL, Airtel, Jio and others. This Sim lock features work same as the Phone Pin Lock for security Purpose

Nobody actually uses this features because its hard to understand and if done worng your SIM can be blocked permanently.

Purpose of Sim Lock:

If you want to make your Sim secure from theft activity, then you can activate the Sim loack feature from your Phone Security setting.

Let suppose you locked your Sim and you Restart your Phone or insert the sim in new phone then on the begining your Phone will ask for SIM PIN and if not inserted correctoly your Sim will get Deactivated.

Check the Sim Lock Pin codes given below, please verify before you use them. You can also change your Pin from the settings.

Sim CompanySim Lock Pin
Sim Lock for Perticular Network

Warning: Please Try this Pin One time and if not correct do contact your Customer care and ask for the Sim Lock Pin.

How to Use Sim Lock Pin?

Now you have the List of Popular Telecom Sim Lock Pin. I hope you have verified them before you are going to use them.

Follow the Steps given below to Lock your Sim using the Sim Lock Pin. (In case your Sim gets blocked, you can use the PUK code to unblock)

Please Note: Keep your Sim PUK Code as a backup if in case your Sim gets blocked.

Step 1: First go to the Mobile Security Settings.

Step 2: Then go to Sim Security and there you will see Lock Sim Card option.

Step 3: Turn on the Option and you will be asked for a 4 digit pin with Few Attempts.

Step 4: Enter the Sim Lock Code Correctly and your Sim is locked now.

To Turn OFF the Sim Lock you will again need the Sim lock Pin/Code. If in case your Sim is blocked by mistake use the SIM PUK Code that we already have in backup.

Watch this Video to Understand the Use of the SIM Lock Feature:

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